The Official Grumpy Cat

The Official Grumpy Cat

  • Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation after her photo was posted on Reddit on September 22, 2012
  • She is known for her permanently “grumpy” facial appearance, which is caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism
  • Lil BUB is a one of a kind space cat
  • Since landing on Earth, she’s raised over $500,000 for homeless pets, and changed thousands of lives for the better

Waffles is a Scottish Fold boy. When he was a kitten, people said he was ugly and he had trouble finding a home. All the other kittens found homes except him and he was left behind alone.

  • Cole and Marmalade are both adopted in 2012 and 2013 respectively
  • Marmalade (goes by Marm – cool nickname) recently survived a cancer scare

We are a family of four based in Colorado, consisting of two humans ( Cynthia + Andre ), one dog ( Henry ), and one cat ( Baloo ) and we all live for adventure.

  • 8 yr old Tortoishell with ½ black face & 1/2 orange face with 1 blue eye & 1 green eye
  • GUND, known for their high end plushes toys since 1898, made a cuddly plush version of Venus

I’m a six-year-old British Shorthair boy. Yes, a boy. (Don’t be fooled by the eyeliner.) I enjoy canned tuna and long walks on the countertops. Please don’t tell my mom about that last part.

Sockington is a domestic cat who lives in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States. He has gained large-scale fame via the social networking site Twitter.

Manny The Selfie Cat may sound like a discarded idea for an SNL sketch, but Manny’s selfie game is so strong he could teach the Kardashians a thing or two.

During one week in mid March of 2012, a couple of things were noticeably different on our block: there was a cat carrier with no door in front of our neighbors house who doesn’t own any cats

Angel Bengal Cat is a star with over 550K followers on social media. She is a girly girl and lover of life. Besides being a Bengal Cat, Angel is a mini-human with a big personality.