We adopted Cole in 2012 after a friend of ours spotted him at a busy intersection one evening all alone. When our friend texted us the picture of this little fluff ball, we couldn’t say no and Jess picked him up the very next day. He was only around 6 weeks old and covered in fleas. But as you can see he’s matured into quite the handsome man and we feel very lucky that this black cat came into our lives.

Marm was born July 1st 2013, but unfortunately his two siblings died and his owners didn’t want him. We feared he’d end up at the local shelter or let loose outside to fend for himself in a nearby feral colony. So we agreed to adopt him into our family & his mum was spayed soon after. Cole & Marmalade soon became best buds and were running around playing together in no time at all!

  • Lil BUB is a one of a kind space cat
  • Since landing on Earth, she’s raised over $500,000 for homeless pets, and changed thousands of lives for the better

Waffles is a Scottish Fold boy. When he was a kitten, people said he was ugly and he had trouble finding a home. All the other kittens found homes except him and he was left behind alone.

  • 8 yr old Tortoishell with ½ black face & 1/2 orange face with 1 blue eye & 1 green eye
  • GUND, known for their high end plushes toys since 1898, made a cuddly plush version of Venus