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Pets are family…

…and that family keeps growing. Dogs, cats, horses, parakeets, goldfish, you name it. There are more pets, more varieties of pets, more people with pets and more national publications devoted to pets than ever before.

But, if you live in the metro area, a national magazine doesn’t point you to the best dog walk in the neighborhood, tell you where to find the top veterinarian and animal hospitals within taxi distance or where to find a reliable walker or sitter.

That’s where The Pet Gazette comes in – like you we’re local. The Pet Gazette Magazine, the cat and dog magazine was created – to fill a void in important growing markets: Westchester, Fairfield, Long Island, and New York City.

Did you know that 79% of surveyed pet owners give their pets holiday or birthday presents? According to a national pet store chain, dog owners spend an average of $976.00 a year on their pets! A local groomer states that his customers spend $1,200.00+ annually for his services. And those costs don’t include health care!

For local pet owners and the people who want their business, there’s no better home than The Pet Gazette magazine. We’re listed as one of the top pet magazines. With a wide and often confusing array of choices in Pet-related products and services – from grooming to boarding, from training to diet – The Pet Gazette takes the guesswork out for both readers and advertisers. Readers can subscribe for more updates and if you’re an advertiser then you can advertise your ad in our pet magazine.

There is just a no better place to be. The Pet Gazette is an entertaining and informative pet lifestyle magazine with local consumers in mind. And we keep it local. Our business is your business. It’s the right time, the right market.

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