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Must Follows: Unique Pets

1. The Baby Animals

 /thebabyanimals (423k)

  • The cutest baby animals on Instagram
  • Great account to follow to learn about even more unique pet social media accounts. Click on “TAGGED” to discover them all
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  • #babyanimals #babyanimalstagram #thebabyanimals

2. Hamlet

 /hamlet_the_piggy (380k)

  • A California stylin’, insta-famous pig living in Nashville
  • Hamlet is known for her unique & eccentric fashion sense
  • This piggy isn’t just a cute face, she is a therapy pig
  • Hamlet continues to take Instagram by storm with over 368,000 followers
  • Enjoying the spoiled life, like every pig should

3. Alfie The Alpaca

 /alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide (266k)

  • Alfie is an Alpaca from Adelaide, South Australia
  • Jeff and Sophie, Alfie’s parents, took him in in September of 2018
  • According to Sophie, Jeff loved Alfie at first sight after seeing another man walking him down the street
  • The one-year-old Alpaca now has more followers from all around the world

4. Bunnymelv

 /bunnymelv (196k)

  • Melvin and Bianca are from Sweden
  • Both are cage free and litter trained house bunnies
  • Melvin – (Grey Male) Mix between Holland lop and Lionhead – Neutered – Born in 2015/09/14
  • Bianca – (Blue Tort Female) Lionhead – Spayed – Born in 2016/01/17
  • #ikeabunnyhol

5. Life Of Mill

 /lifeofmill (155k)

 /lifeofenzo.swe (35.7k)

  • Princess, a house rabbit, and Enzo, a German Shepherd, are both from Sweden
  • Offers daily hello message
  • Owner loves wet kisses

6. BuBu The Chinchilla

 /cute_bubu (147k)

  • BuBu is a 7 yr old female Chinchilla from sunny Singapore
  • Likes Starbucks lattes
  • Enjoys jamming with her mates, Alvin, and the Chipmunks
  • Happy girl
  • Often partakes in tea parties
  • Can run up stairs unbelievably fast

7. Fabbunnies

 /fabbunnies (107k)

  • Featuring bunnies everyday and lots of them
  • #fabbunnies for a chance to be featured
  • Great resource for finding more bunny social media accounts to follow
  • Supports

8. Mr. Bagel The Chinchilla

 /chinnybuddy (107k)

  • Says no to fur clothing
  • Believes in adopting before buying
  • 7 yr old mosaic Chinchilla
  • Potty trained and lives with the cage open at all times
  • Roams freely around the house and goes back to his “Chinchilla mansion” to eat, sleep and exercise on his wheel
  • Animals of Instagram HSUS 2015 Calendar

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