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10 Pet Artists to Follow

1. Christian Vieler

 / (127k)

  • Lives with Lotte the Labrador and Anni the Doberfräulein in Waltrop
  • Full-time dog photographer since 2016
  • Takes funny snapshots
  • Loves to get very close to dogs with intense head portraits
  • Strong focus on fun for everyone involved – no matter if two- or four-legged friends

2. Claire Milligan

 /clairemilliganartist (88K)

  • Professional pet portrait and wildlife artist specializing in a very detailed and realistic style of drawing, of pets and wildlife art
  • Self-taught professional freelance artist living and  working from Yorkshire, UK.
  • Pet portraits are created on a commission basis for clients all over the world
  • Large client base fromall over the globe including Canada, United States, Japan, and Fuji

3. Patricia Otero

 /patricia.otero (20K)

  • Professional canine and wildlife artist
  • Dog lover and Graphic Designer turned professional portrait artist
  • Award winning professional artist specializing in pastel paintings
  • Based in the mountains of Northern Spain
  • All commissions accepted

4. Her Art Beat

 /rausch.inga (14.2K)

  • German artist, creates bold and colorful paintings of Instagram-famous pets
  • Grew up at her grandma’s house with an array of animals
  • Fell in love with cats, dogs, and horses
  • The artist credits her ‘childish’ style of wide brush strokes and bright colors as her way to prove the worth of her “sweet little fairytale-world”

5. Sema Martin

 /semamartin.petportraits (14.3K)

  • Lives in Wales, UK.
  • Self-taught fine art artist and love to explore realism style work
  • Professional fine art artist, providing unique and highly detailed hand drawings for people all over the world
  • Client in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand

6. Rey

 /rey.fritsch (12.3K)

  • A (human) portrait artist, who never thought she would be painting dogs
  • Rey’s artistic work ethic
  • is unrivalled; she is devoted wholly to the art life
  • Will sometime forgo sleep
  • for several days in order to
  • finish painting (or paintings)
  • “Paint now, sleep later”
  • Believes the desire and need
  • to create came with her body, heart, and soul the day she was born

7. Aja Trier

 /sagittariusgallery (10.4K)

  • Works out of Scotia, NY
  • Focuses primarily on the female figure and how she reacts with her surroundings
  • The current body of work utilizes mixed media such as acrylic, ink, enamel, spray
  • paint, and even glitter encased in resin on cradled wooden panels
  • Sagittarius Gallery showcases the fine art of Aja Apa-Soura

8. Rachel Dickison

 /rachels_ink (4.9K)

  • Artist from New Zealand
  • Self-taught 21 yr old who loved drawing since youth
  • Recently became much more passionate about art, especially drawing
  • Likes sharing her work and seeing other artists which inspires and helps her aim to improve
  • Never content with her skills
  • and always practices to better herself
  • Offers commission drawings

9. Alicia VanNoy Call

 /dawgpainter (5.1K)

  • Pet portraits and animal art
  • Canvas, metal and framed prints, posters, and greeting cards
  • The perfect place to find something to brighten up your home or find a great gift
  • Specializes in pet portraiture, using her skills to unleash your pet’s colorful personality!

10. Dasha Baranova

 / (4.8K)

  • Self-employed freelance artist
  • Majority of customers discover this profile through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Deviantart
  • Consistently applying social media marketing to build a brand image and connect with many individuals and businesses worldwide

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