Juniper foxx

Juniper & her fox friends are North American red foxes living out their life in a home full of rescued exotics. They were each born in captivity and are descended from fur-farm foxes.

Esther is some pig. At just 4 pounds, she was misrepresented as a “micro pig” and sold to Steve and Derek in the summer of 2012. Over the next two years Esther just kept growing and growing.

Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong were born in Miami, Florida, and have an incredible story. Diddy Kong just turned one year old on August 19, 2016, and Yeti Kong will turn one year old in a few months.

In August of 2018, Jeff was driving through a local suburb and saw a man walking an alpaca down the street. They had stopped so the alpaca could munch on some weeds on an empty block. The owner seemed bored, and was looking on his phone to pass the time.

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Hamlet’s adventure began with her human, Melanie in 2014. Hamlet was given to Melanie when she was experiencing a large increase in breakthrough seizures. Melanie lost her independence and struggled with depression.

  • Melvin and Bianca are from Sweden
  • Both are cage free and litter trained house bunnies
  • Melvin – (Grey Male) Mix between Holland lop and Lionhead – Neutered – Born in 2015/09/14
  • I’m an Argentine red tegu lizard (Tupinambis rufescens). I’m intelligent, friendly, and even responds to my name.
  • Princess, a house rabbit, and Enzo, a German Shepherd, are both from Sweden
  • Offers daily hello message
  • Owner loves wet kisses
  • BuBu is a 7 yr old female Chinchilla from sunny Singapore
  • Likes Starbucks lattes
  • Enjoys jamming with her mates, Alvin, and the Chipmunks
  • Says no to fur clothing
  • Believes in adopting before buying
  • 7 yr old mosaic Chinchilla
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