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Thinking About A Pet Bird?


Cockatiels are a very commonly kept pet bird, due to their many positive characteristics. Cockatiels are generally very intelligent, and can learn to obey both simple and complicated commands. Most cockatiels can also learn to speak, sometimes imitating common phrases that people speak around their cage.

Cockatiels do require a significant investment in time, due to their need for constant interaction. It’s best to keep a cockatiel where there is action, such as the living room or kitchen.If you choose to adopt a hand-raised cockatiel, proper training will help them to be a gentle, affectionate and playful companion.


The parakeet is one of the most popular species of bird selected by pet owners worldwide. This is because parakeets are relatively inexpensive, easy to care for, and respond well to training. However, an improperly trained parakeet can be slightly difficult to deal with, so it is usually best to start training a parakeet as soon as they become a member of your household.

Canaries & Finches

Both canaries and finches make great pet birds, though are usually chosen for their relatively low-maintenance bird care needs. Because finches and canaries are generally low-maintenance birds, they tend not to care too much for interacting with humans. Most of these birds are also well-known for their upbeat vocal music, which can brighten the mood in any type of household.

African Grey Parrots

African grey parrots are said to be the most intelligent species of bird, and are one of the favorites among many pet bird owners. They have specialized pet care needs, mostly due to their need for constant intellectual interaction.

African grey parrots are usually very affectionate, and have the ability to form a strong bond with their human owners. However, if you do not have a sufficient amount of time to devote to spending with your bird, then you may want to select a type of bird that requires less attention.


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