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Boarding Pet Birds Challenges & Solutions

During the holiday season many of us are traveling and taking our pets along may be impractical or simply not possible. To complicate matters further, boarding your pet can be stressful for both you and your pet.

Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety, a panic response to being left alone. Cats are instinctively solitary animals; fortunately they feel safe when confined to a cage. Parrots have a much more complicated social structure than either dogs or cats and being left alone can be highly stressful.

Let’s explore the options:
Bird Store/Vet Clinic
This will be your safest and best option

  • Your bird will be in an active environment
  • Pet birds enjoy the vocal and visual companionship
  • Cages will be available, food is generally included
  • Experienced personnel will monitor your bird
  • Special needs can be accommodated
  • Medical attention is generally available if necessary
  • Clean, safe and easy

Pet Sitters
People offering this service often stop in for only a few minutes per day to change the food and water

  • No transport is required
  • Your pet remains in a familiar environment
  • What happens if your bird is injured or becomes sick when the sitter is NOT there?


  • Limited supervision
  • Your pet will basically be alone
  • Your pet is at risk should injury or illness occur and NO ONE knows
  • For safety reasons be sure that your parrots wings and nails have recently been trimmed before leaving him/her in someone else’s care.

Travel Essentials
A bird carrier will be necessary to transport your pet and a wide range of products are available. The clear plastic carriers are very popular, providing parrots with a clear view of their surroundings; the units are safe, convenient and very durable.

Your trip will be much more enjoyable when you are confident that your pets are safe, comfortable and well cared for during your absence.


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