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Water & Air Pets Need Servicing Too!

For The Birds

Love your birds, but hate the mess? Mobile grooming is a stress-free, efficient way to keep your bird safe and happy. Let them clean up after your feathered friends while you spend your time enjoying your birds. They bring their own bird-safe supplies including avian specific cleaners and disinfectants. They will also rearrange your birds’ toys/perches to really keep your birds on their toes. Change provides our birds with important enrichment and stimulation.

They come to your home so that you and your bird do not have to endure the stress of leaving your surroundings for basic care.

  • They will deliver right to your home: food for Canary, Parakeet, Conure, Amazon, Grey or Macaw plus toys & accessories.
  • And will offer: wing & nail trims, beaks are done on a case by case basis.
  • Also help find the right bird for your family and life style! Services are billed on an hourly basis; rates vary depending on time, supplies needed and location.

For The Fish

What they do: clean aquariums and fresh or saltwater, ponds. They also may set-up, move, and maintain. They take out all the decor and clean it, remove algae, vacuum gravel, change filters, set ph (if needed), add chlorine remover, replace decor, add water, add algae remover, crystal clear, aquarium salt, wipe tops, check lights, wipe glass and stand.

The biggest problems owners have:

  • Algae – Aquariums and ponds turn green or brown with algae, when they get to much light,either from the sun or the light on the tank.
  • Feeding – Over feeding their fish, once food floats to the bottom they won’t eat it. It turns to fungus (looks like a cotton ball). Also if its cold water (goldfish) they don’t eat as much when the water is cold. Do not feed pond fish when the water temperature is below 50 degrees. Tropical can be fed 3 times a week, goldfish every other day, aggressive fish once per day, saltwater fish once per day, pond fish 2 times a week, that way they will eat insect that lands in the pond.

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