Publisher Letter

Dear Fellow Pet Lover,

This is our second Adoption Report since I took over from Jim, the publication founder, and in the process of compiling all the rescue organizations and their stories it became evident that this needed to be one of our annual Issues. As the cover says, “Awareness is the first step.” We all think we know what is going on out there with pet rescue, pet adoption and pet euthanasia, but the reality is far more substantial than most of us can wrap our minds around.

There are a ton of organizations doings a ton of great work (thank you so much from all of us at The Pet Gazette!!!!) I asked them what can we do? First off they asked if you would follow them online. In this issue we have attempted to provide as many social media accounts as we could find to make this as simple as possible. Second, they suggested either donating 30min of your time to the rescue closest to your home or donating $5.00 to that rescue. Both acts help care for homeless pets, but it also provides the rescue staff mental support. That 30min or $5 says that someone is out there thinking about them and that they aren’t alone in their quest. It rejuvenates the organization. Lastly, they said we could help by fostering a pet. It is like borrowing a pet and volunteering from your home! Contact your local rescue organization or shelter for details.

If you do any of the above, let us know via social media. We’d love to celebrate you!!


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