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Here are a few joyful adoption stories facilitated by The Long Island Parrot Society:

  • A family already had a macaw, but they wanted to adopt a lovebird for their teenage daughter. There was a cutie lovebird on our site, we let the owner know about our qualified family—they went over to meet the lovebird and it was love at first sight. The new owners send us photos of their daughter and the lovie all the time
  • A couple wanted an African grey parrot. The wife was hesitant. They wanted a fully-feathered friend until they met an African grey whose feathers were not in great condition. The bird’s personality captivated them, and they adopted him. We get constant updates and photos showing how he is thriving. In fact, the wife is the bird’s main squeeze!
  • A large, active family was interested in adopting a cockatoo. A Goffin’s ‘too from a similar family was looking for a new home. Perfect match! Both families were thrilled, and the bird is loving life
  • A Moluccan cockatoo’s owner died. There was no family to take the bird in. We found an emergency foster home. That foster mom became a foster failure and adopted the bird—the Moluccan has a home and is thriving!
  • An adoption candidate wanted a talking African grey—she was in no rush. A family had to place their “talking” grey immediately— we had the qualified candidate waiting in the wings. Everyone is happy

Parrots are re-homed for many reasons: Owner’s death, lifestyle changes, relocation, avian behavior issues, allergies and other human health problems, loss of interest in the bird and numerous other situations.

The Parrot Placement Team at The Long Island Parrot Society knows the decision is difficult and is based on what is best for the bird. Happily, most parrots adapt very well to new homes.

The team works with the owner to find out what type of environment the bird is accustomed to (small children, other pets, additional birds, lots of activity, etc.) and makes every effort to assure a similar lifestyle in the potential new home.

The Parrot Society acts as liaison between bird owners and qualified adoption candidates. How does one get qualified? Potential parrot parents complete an adoption application and submit a fee of $35, which includes a complimentary one-year membership to The Long Island Parrot Society.

Once the application is received, the applicant is called to make an appointment for a home visit. There is a check-list that covers experience level, planned location of bird in the home, quarantine if there’s an existing flock, household hazards, other pets in the home, diet, avian veterinarians, willingness to adopt a bird with plucking or other behavioral issues, designated caregivers, smoking in the home (which is a no-no), small children, (poking fingers in cage; etc.). Once a person/family is qualified, they are matched with the owner of a bird that will best thrive in their home. The process may take some time, so applicants are advised to be patient. It is ultimately up to the owner where their bird is placed.

The Long Island Parrot Society is currently seeking reasonably priced rental property in a central location for the Island’s first open-to-the-public avian shelter and adoption center. When this is realized, the Society will be able to provide emergency shelter to displaced pet birds and to enable direct adoptions.

In one year Team Member, Diane Hyde, fielded 22 calls from people wanting to place their birds. (Placement Team members took other calls). Half of these were emergency situations requiring immediate placement or fostering. Numerous other requests were received via email. 13 birds were placed through the program; 11 were placed by their owners and the status is unknown on some of the others. Four owners decided to keep their birds and they were removed from the Parrot Placement Program. 58 birds remain in the program and are eligible for adoption to qualified homes.

For more details, visit the Parrot Placement Team at a Long Island Parrot Society meeting or at the Parrot EXPO on October 5th (Freeport Recreation Center) There’s a bird out there who wants to share the joy with you!

The Long Island Parrot Society of New York, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c3 organization and
New York State registered charity # 43-65-18
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