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Adoption File #469

Rocket .. now Rylie
“I feel blessed to have found Rocket as he is one in a million. We actually saved each other, and I’m training him as my service dog. I suffer from PTSD and other physical injuries as a police officer and Marine veteran. I renamed him “Rylie” and he is adjusting very quickly. We are attached at the hip, he loves working and he has put on seven pounds since the adoption. Rylie enjoys daily walks in the park, physical therapy, playing ball with my son, and shopping at local stores. We love Rylie and he is my miracle.”

Adoption File #532

Oberin Joins Police Taskforce
“Oberon is doing so well. To be honest with you, I wanted a lovey dovey cat that would cuddle…and that is not Obie at all. He has a HUGE personality, Oberon is doing so well. To be honest with you, I wanted a lovey dovey cat that would cuddle…and that is not Obie at all. He has a HUGE personality, like nothing I’ve ever seen. He is hilarious and keeps us entertained all day every day. And he is SO HANDSOME! We adore him, and he has really bonded with my fiancé. The two of them play like you wouldn’t believe! I do treasure the rare moments that Obie will sit next to me on the couch, although they are few and far between. In short, I wouldn’t trade Obie for the world! We couldn’t have chosen a better cat to love forever!”

Adoption File #702

“It’s been one whole year since we adopted Dexter (then, Squiggy) and we couldn’t be happier! Dexter certainly lives the life of luxury around here… he enjoys being fed puréed tuna straight out of the package, sharing bath time with his cat friend, Aurora, and uninvitedly climbing onto mom’s belly and dad’s back first thing in the morning. After adopting Dex we finally understand what they mean when they say “Who Rescued Who?”

Adoption File #949

My journey through pet adoption
“Last summer my dog Tessa died at 10 years old from an immune disorder. I was inconsolable. That started my journey through pet adoption, eventually bringing me to a happy place. I’d always had pure-bred dogs, though that was always accompanied by guilt, especially in view of all those TV commercials replete with emaciated-looking sad-eyed dogs that clearly needed help.

Many years ago, in my search for my perfect pet-mate, I made an application to some national rescue organizations, none of which seemed to understand that living across the street from Central Park is better than having a fenced in backyard. I was denied each time and therefore decided to not adopt but to shop around instead, even though I had lots of love to give and a flexible work schedule. Fast forward 20 years and 2 soul-mate dogs later, I finally decided to try again.

Expecting my applications to be denied, I started on Petfinders, Adopt-a-pet and Facebook and found a beautiful puppy that had just been born, with 12 other puppy siblings, in a flea infested barn in Kentucky. After sending in my application I received an email from Kindness for Homeless Paws that she was taken, but that I wasn’t low on the waiting list in case anything happened. An hour later I received an email that the first adopters declined to move forward and that I was now the back-up on this list! I was surprised but still not hopeful, however later that afternoon another email arrived — the back-up adopters had a family emergency out of state and were no longer able to take a puppy! I was now #1 on the list!! It felt almost like I’d been admitted to Harvard! A few weeks later my 10 weeks old half Golden Retriever and half Great Pyrenees was home with me at last. I named her Summer. She is now 11 months old and the largest dog in my building (let alone the block – and we’re talking West 57th Street in NYC). She is so full of love and is a silly girl who has never met a dog or a human whom she didn’t love at first sight. And, this time around, I feel guilty free and proud to have rescued a dog who has, at last, rescued me from a broken heart.”

Adoption File #890

Sienna the bunny!
“We first met Sienna when we were taking our sick guinea pig, Lola, to Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital in New York. I told my husband that if we were to ever get a bunny, it would be Sienna. We spent numerous hours with Sienna over the next several weeks, and we began to feel a special connection with her, especially after Lola passed away. Since Sienna was up for adoption through Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group (LIRRG), we reached out to them to see if anyone had started the adoption process for this adorable chocolate bunny who loved our attention. To our surprise, no one had tried to adopt her yet, so we began the adoption process with LIRRG which started with a telephone interview. They asked us some questions and we were given some basic bunny care information. The next step in the process was a home visit, so a few weeks later a volunteer from LIRRG came to our apartment and checked the space we had set up for our new fur-baby. She provided us with a ton of bunny information and gave us some tips and pointers. The last step was to go pick up Sienna at the foster home, and during that time we also received some great training on lifting, cutting nails, and giving medication. We were so excited to bring her home and so was she! She absolutely loves running around and jumping in her new play area (she’s currently sprinting in circles around my coffee table as I write this). She has brought such joy and laughter back into our lives and for that we are so thankful. She has settled in perfectly and is now the Queen of our apartment. She loves lying on the couch with us and getting pet for hours at a time. We are so thankful to LIRRG. They’ve answered our dozens of questions and concerns as first-time bunny parents and have been so helpful. Sienna was abandoned by her former family and was rescued this past winter. We are so happy to be able to have given her a forever home and to make sure she knows she will never have to try to fend for herself ever again.” – Brooke & Asif Shajib

Adoption File #131

Oh, Sandy
This girl had a pretty lousy start at life. She was the first to be removed from a property of 18 neglected dogs in Georgia. She was in need of immediate medical attention as she was unable to bear weight on her leg. The vets determined she had severe nerve damage in one of her front legs and unfortunately needed an amputation.

How she could be the sweet little kangaroo/seal (she hops to you and then slides into your lap!) that she is after having gone through so much is beyond us, but a lovelier personality and soul you would have a difficult time finding! NOTHING stopped her!

Here she is enjoying her new bed in her forever home!!! She is much loved! And don’t you love that cheeky face with the tongue out? The face of a resilient warrior just having fun.

Adoption File #243

Piper and the Umbrella Academy Puppies
When this adorable, sleek, small, black lab mix arrived, much to our surprise, she was pregnant!!!! One of our wonderful volunteers immediately stepped up to foster. Petit Piper had an incredible 8 ‘Umbrella Academy’ (have you seen this great Netflix series?) Piper’s foster family did such an amazing job AND they wound up being a foster-fail with Piper herself. All 8 puppies (Alison, Cha Cha, Diego, Dolores, Klaus, Luther, Number 5 and Vania) have all found their forever homes!!!! {Pictures: Momma Piper * Momma and a few of her babies the day of their birth * and all 8 pups adoption pics}


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