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Jay The Bulldog


Pet’s Name: Jay The Bulldog
Age: 3
Breed: English Bulldog
Location: New York, NY
Instagram: @JayTheBulldogNYC (27k)
Jay’s Favorites:
Activity – Playing in water & swimming, sleeping, eating, meeting people and running/chasing his pawrents at the park!
Toy – Balls!! But only to chew on – Jay “doesn’t do” fetch!
Food – Everything! Unfortunately, due to his allergies, he is limited to white fish treats

Jay the Bulldog

By Jennifer Galluzzo

If you are lucky enough, you may get off the subway to see Jay the Bulldog strutting through the streets of New York City with his pawrent, Mariana Neff. This relative newcomer, who is quite the social butterfly, has recently broken onto the scene. They started by interacting with other accounts, attending local meet-ups and online “pawties” and then just started meeting people on the street with his Instagram handle on his collar. Now, Jay already has almost 30,000 followers. But then again, who wouldn’t want to see this face every day?!

You can also call Jay a matchmaker. The relationship Jay has with his pawrents has inspired other bulldog owners to call on them for assistance in placing bulldogs in need of a home. In most cases, owners have reached out to them after seeing how well they treat Jay, and were looking for someone to do the same for their bullies, which they could no longer take care of. Luckily, they were able to help them find a forever home and they could not have been happier!

Mariana says that keeping Jay’s fans happy is a part-time position in itself, on top of her full time job. The family doesn’t take money in exchange for promotions, but will accept things like treats or products that Jay will enjoy for a company shout out. 

Does Jay have any special or funny talents?

Jay is a shopaholic! He loves going to the stores and walking around the aisles. He can balance and jump using just his back paws and he is bilingual (English/Spanish).

What do people love most about Jay?

People love how friendly he is, and the way he wags his tail (yes, he has a long tail for a bulldog).

What is your favorite thing about social media?

Through social media, we have met the most incredible people from all around the world. One of our favorite things is exchanging holiday cards with our furriends from all the US and other countries. I love when people send messages saying thank you- you’ve made my day, I love seeing your face, or simply, I love you Jay!


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