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Exempel the Bunny


Pet’s Name: Exempel
Age: 7
Location: Sweden
Instagram: @ExempelTheBunny (183k)
Facebook: @Exempelthebunny (37k)
Exempel’s Favorites:
Activity – Tricks! He loves them
Toy – Anything he can chew on. He loves those grass and stick balls
Food – He loves everything. But dandelion leaves, bananas and apples, are certainly at the top of the list

Exempel the Bunny

by Jennifer Galluzzo

When you think of a famous internet pet, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t a paw-slapping rabbit named Exempel from a small city in the middle of Sweden. But Exempel, a mini-lop who lives with Moa Näslund, is known around the world by his nearly 200,000 followers. Exempel is no ordinary bunny. Moa started posting photos and videos of him doing tricks like “high-five” and “spin” in 2013. They were poor quality, unedited, and shot from a phone. But people loved it, especially his koala-like nose. She decided to start photographing Exempel in creative photo shoots as well as his natural elements, and in 18-months he had 100k fans. Moa and Exempel have become a go to team for other pet owners that have had trouble with their own bunnies. They get DMs from people thanking him for making their day a lot better. There’s nothing like a little fuzzy nose and big, floppy ears to warm your heart. And that makes Moa grateful and happy – really happy. 

Does Exempel have any special or funny talents?
He can make almost anyone happy when they’re sad. He’s also so smart and can play the piano, draw with a felt pen and jump on his hind legs.

What do people love most about Exempel?
Honestly, I think they like his cute little nose the best and that’s why he got his ‘koala’ nickname.


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