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Denver the Guilty Dog

Pet’s Name: Denver the Guilty Dog 
Location: Millington, MD 
Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever 
Instagram: @DenverTheGuiltyDog (30k)
Facebook: @GuiltyDog (400k)
YouTube: foodplot (46k)
SnapChat: 25k 
Denver’s Favorites: 
Activity – Swimming in the creek, hands down! 
Toy – Retriever Bumper 
Food – Cat treats

Denver the Guilty Dog

By Jennifer Galluzzo

We would be remiss if when discussing pet internet stars, we did not include one of the original viral wonders that stole our hearts. If you don’t know Denver the Guilty Dog, you should. Denver became famous in 2011 when a video featuring her inability to hide guilt after eating a bag of cat treats went viral. The video has since been viewed over 150 million times on YouTube and Facebook alone! Over the years, we watched Denver get into trouble of all sorts, from eating Christmas ornaments and crayons, to laying on the forbidden couch and dumping the trash can. Every time she was caught, her face would say it all; with the toothy grin and a half-sneeze – which came to be known as the “McCheesy” face – she would confess her guilt. From her viral stardom Denver’s Guilty Dog Brand was born. She quickly became a business guru and has her own T-Shirts, Children’s Book, and stuffed toys. She even licenses intellectual property rights for her videos. Her dad, Mali Vujanic, has spent a significant amount of time, in addition to his full-time job, taking care of Denver’s schedule. He responds to fans and media, attends book signings at schools, schedules television appearances, does press interviews, and more.

Over the years, the family has been extremely generous with their time and Denver’s fame. They have received phone calls and emails from fans that were terminally ill and wanted to thank Denver for helping them on a particularly difficult day. They have promoted others’ fundraisers, special events, products, and more to help charities and organisations. They have made donations to both human and pet charities alike, as well as visits to local animal shelters.

Denver Crosses The Creex

Sadly, Denver crossed the rainbow bridge on February 12, 2018, but her big personality and endearing smile will live on in our hearts forever thanks to social media. You can read her obituary on our website. Denver has brought joy to millions of people, and that is something to McCheesy smile about. 


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