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Honorable Mentions Cats


Princess Monster Truck
  @princessmonstertruck  (295k)
  The Felinine royalty that was adopted from the mean streets of New York City

  Did You Know?

  • Princess Monster Truck is an adopted cat with a jaw deformity but still has an amazing smile
  • She hates going outside, and loves to window gaze
  • True to her name, Princess carries herself with style and grace like true royalty

Nala the Selfie Queen
  @nala_cat (3.5m)
  The 7 year old Siamese & Tabby mix breed that has taken Instagram by storm!

  Did You Know?

  • Adopted from a shelter at the young age of 5 months
  • Naturally photogenic thanks to her crisp blue eyes
  • All of her revenue goes to the benefits of animals in need

  @pudgethecat (666k)
  The two-toned exotic shorthair cat known worldwide for his poise and grace

  Did You Know?

  • Has the perfect complexion blend between black and light brown
  • One of the main attractions for the Castbury Convention in New Jersey
  • Loves Football 

  @snoopybabe (351k)
The cutest exotic shorthair cat from Japan

  Did You Know?

  • A fashion icon with a sense of style inspired by the 70’s,80s & 90s.
  • Takes pride her in fluffy white appearance and tinted orange fur
  • Prefers her hair short, allows her to remain exotic

  @tardthegrumpycat (45k)

  Did You Know?

  • We aren’t exactly sure about this grumpy cats breed; but she looks nothing like her mother or father
  • She looks similar to a Ragdoll or Showshoe
  • Her petite size and famous face is likely due to feline dwarfism and her rear end wobbles a bit when she walks due to this

  @hamilton_the_hipster_cat  (804k)
  The Cat with the coolest mustache in America

  Did You Know?

  • Affectionately known as the hipster cat for his trendy sense of style
  • Has a unique white mustache that uplifts his iconic look of prestige
  • Supporter of the movement #AdoptDontShop

Venus Two Face Cat
  @venustwofacecat (1.4m)
  A feline with the perfect blend of light and dark

  Did You Know?

  • Venus has two different strands of DNA in her body
  • Known for her mysterious appearance that led many to believe she was a chimera or a fusion of different cats 
  • Also an avid supporter of #AdoptDontShop

Waffles the Cat
  @waffles_the_cat (559k)
  A Scottish Fold Boy with the dreamiest eyes you will ever see

  Did You Know?

  • Waffles story  is a modern rendition of the ugly duckling
  • His journey personal transformation helps to inspire many ot always believe in themselves even when no one else will. 
  • One of the best cosplay cats on the internet

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