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Diddy & Yeti Kong: Two Monkeys Are Better Than One


Pet’s Names: Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong
Ages: 3
Location: Miami, FL
Type: Marmoset
Instagram: @realdiddykong (1m)
Facebook: @realdiddykong (26.5k)
What are Diddy and Yeti’s Favorites-
Activity – Foraging for marshmallows
Toy – Soft cozy toys
Food – Sweet potato

~By Jennifer Galluzzo

Two Tiny Monkeys are Better Than One! Meet Diddy and Yeti Kong.

When you take a video of an adorable finger monkey taking a bath and grooming with a toothbrush, you’re destined for internet gold. That’s how Diddy Kong became a viral sensation, his video was reposted by many celebrities and large Instagram accounts. Celebrity followers now include Snoop Dogg, Neil Patrick Harris, Madison Beer, Ashton Irwin, JoJo Siwa, Jhene Aiko, Asia Monet Ray, and many more. Diddy was even featured in the Wiz Khalifa music video for “Celebrate”.

His beginnings were much more humble. His parents, Matt Crown and Gabriella Katia fell in love with him at an animal sanctuary in South Florida and adopted him. About a year later, they decided to adopt a second marmoset, Yeti, so that Diddy could have a friend. They are now inseparable, and best buds. Although they are so famous that they get stopped in public, to date, the family has not accepted any form of payment for sponsorship.

Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong

They do support as many animal charities as possible, however. Diddy and Yeti are currently partnered with the Klique app and Klique For A Cause to raise money for charity through meet-and-greets with Diddy and Yeti. Matt and Gabriella’s plan is to continue to give viewers raw, organic, and especially cute videos of their tiny monkeys living day-by-day life, which is a full-time commitment for their parents. They also try to provide educational materials and real-life examples of living with a marmoset for their fans, as not everyone is suited for the work involved in caring for a tiny monkey, as cute as they are.

Does your pet have any special or funny talents?

Diddy Kong can open a water bottle with his hands.

What do people love most about Diddy and Yeti?

How happy they are. Our fans love to see both Diddy and Yeti smiling on Instagram (and their smiles are truly spectacular!)

Look for big things this year from these tiny monkeys, as they are planning to use their celebrity to raise awareness and some serious cash for charity. A book on this delightful duo is in the works as well. Watch out, King!


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