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Now for something completely Different…..

…FBI (Found By Internet) Case of the lost dog…
Imagine, one central location to go to when you’ve lost or found a pet. That’s what was envisioned when the Center for Lost Pets, was created. And the Internet has made it possible. Their ultimate goal is to get lost pets back home… safe, sound and soon. Whether you have found a pet or lost a pet, they are present to help because a lost pet is not a lost cause.

You can search to see if your lost pet has been found. You can search to see if the pet you have found has been posted as lost. They’re also there to offer you the best possible lost and found pet advice. If you don’t find a match in their database of lost and found pets, don’t give up. Look on their advice link for valuable help. And be sure to check back often. New listings for lost and found pets are updated every day.

The Center for Lost Pets was created by a team of dedicated specialists: shelter managers, natural disaster and safety experts, veterinarians and a variety of go-to gurus on all things pets. Together with some of high-tech’s most talented programmers, software developers and web designers, they have set out to achieve a very ambitious and worthwhile goal–to create one central location where people who have lost and found pets can connect. What to do:

1) Post the found or lost pet on the Website. The system will instantly show you a list of possible matches for the found and lost pet.

2) If there are no matches currently in the system, you will be notified immediately by email and/or text message when a possible match has been posted to the Website. If you do not find an immediate match, go to the Advice Section for expert help, including a checklist of what to do and how to make the most effective Lost and Found pet signs.
You can find your lost pet here also.


Technology in the Kennel? Are you picturing robot dogwalkers and automated grooming machines straight out of The Jetsons? Well that technology might be a way away but there are other types of tech that benefit pets…and owners.

Dog kennels and Veterinary Medical Facilities are benefiting from a new technology floor coating called polyureas and certain epoxy systems. They help reduce bacteria growth due to their chemical structure that prevents scratches on the floor where bacteria builds. These new floor systems are improving the sanitary conditions of veterinary clinics and animal kennels all over the USA. The unique feature is minimal surface scratches but more importantly that scratches are straight not frayed. Old technology epoxies develop a frayed edge when scratched trapping dirt and moisture while breading bacteria growth causing a disease called kennel cough. A straight edge allows for simple cleaning using nothing more than that water, detergent and neoprene squeegee.

Polyureas and new technology epoxy floor coatings are applied directly to concrete floors. Unlike old epoxy floor treatments, this modern innovation fuses into the air pockets and pores of the concrete and seals the surface. The new coatings resist moisture pressure from below the surface. Coatings are applied over moldings creating a seamless pan that makes it easy to thoroughly wash down the floor. These floors are durable as well as safe. The floor coatings are mixed with a non-slip agent so they meet or surpass workplace standards set by OSHA. In addition to the functional benefits of these coatings there are aesthetic benefits. Coatings come in numerous colors, are bright and reflective.


Everyone has seen the commercials for online pet pharmacies. They claim to sell the same product as your veterinarian at a fraction of the price. Buying medication on the Internet from a company that you don’t know means that you may not know exactly what your pet is getting.

A popular pet pharmacy raves that they have better guarantees than your veterinarian. They offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee with no explanation needed. Knowing how most companies function, it is never that simple. Merial stands by their Frontline Plus so much that they offer to have Terminex come out to your house if your flea problems are not resolved. This is a guarantee that the online pharmacies cannot offer you. If you have purchased your Frontline Plus through a veterinarian and have all pets on the medication for three straight months, Merial will send a representative from Terminex to your house and will incur all charges that are needed for the treatment.

Another thing that these pharmacies cannot offer is the manufacturer’s rebates that companies extend to only veterinary clinics. For instance Merial, the company that makes Frontline Plus and Heartgard, ran a special on both products. With Frontline Plus, if you bought six doses, you got two free; or if you bought three doses, you get one free. They were are also giving a $12 rebate back when you purchase 12 months of Heartgard Plus. In this instance, the price, per dose, is less than the leading online pharmacy.

Counterfeit drugs, or those claiming to be “the same as” another drug, are also abundant in some online pharmacies. There was an instance where someone brought in a price match from an online website for Frontline Plus. The printout said that they were purchasing Frontline Plus, but the picture of the product was incorrect. The packaging did not match what Frontline Plus’s current packaging was. The picture of the dog was different and the ingredients on the packaging were different. Being a consumer that is not as familiar with the packaging, they had no idea that the product they would have ordered was not the Frontline Plus that they wanted. In 2013 it is important to understand that times are hard, and many veterinary clinics will match most prices from online and actual pharmacies. Then you’ll know for sure what you bought.


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