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Aaron Benitez Background

Aaron’s empire of animal videos started from humble roots. Aaron Benitez left college to pursue a career as a visual effects artist and was teaching people VFX on YouTube while living out of his car. Over two years, he saved money to pursue his dream. Slowly, it developed into filming a few videos with his cats, two British shorthairs that he adopted in NY before moving to LA, including the famous Prince Michael (who is a real cat, in case you are wondering). From there he switched over to filming full time and has since done hundreds of video shoots, including his favorite, which was with the lead actors in Jurassic World.

So what’s it like to film with cats all the time?

Working with cats is tough – especially outdoors,” says Aaron. “It’s so rewarding to hear the laughs we get when children watch the videos, though.” His videos are anything but ordinary. With humorous storylines and surreal action, many people ask him if the cats are real. But Prince Michael’s eyes and expressions shine through, and it’s really just the exquisite mastery of visual effects that make these films so intriguing. “People write to me that laughing at our videos helps with their depression,” says Aaron about the benefits of the work he’s doing. “We also work with the Amanda Foundation to raise money for animals. We sell merch on our website as well.” 

What’s next for Aaron’s Animals?

They’re launching a weekly live stream called Jazz Cats where viewers can interact online with cats/kittens every Thursday. So, stay tuned and get ready to laugh!

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