Publisher Letter

Hello pet-loving friends! We are so excited that you picked up this copy of The Pet Gazette, because now you have your hands on all the great new products this year for you and your pet. Want more? Check out our website! Want to win something featured in these pages? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Are you are looking for the latest tech tool or maybe you just want something to really clean that cat fur out of your clothes? No matter what it is, we have tried to cover all the bases! And everything listed here really is so cool—I want to get some for Jax @brownnosehavanese! What’s most amazing is that the companies who make these products care so much about animals—they are really focused on providing a better quality of life for both you and your pet.

One of our family’s favorite post-dinner activities is to sit in the livingroom, hang out with Jax and talk about anything we are looking forward to in the coming month/year. For us, it’s a time for love, kindness and fun surprises! Sometimes we get our fluffy Havanese a gift from all of us. Jax tears through the packaging and we just love seeing the joy on his little face (and that tail goes a million miles per hour!) Do you have a tradition or something special you do for your beloved pet? They really deserve the best, don’t they! Let us know about your traditions and we may feature them in The Pet Gazette.

Lastly, if you are inspired to purchase some new toys or tools for your pet, please tell us what you thought of them. Send us a picture of your pet with their new shiny gift and a little story about how much they love it. Share your social media page with us so we can follow you. And please share with us any other products that you’ve found to be useful. We love to know about anything that brings health, wellness, and joy to our pets.

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You will find info on hundreds of pets—many with over 100,000 followers. And if you want even more content about these pets, please visit our website or download The Pet Gazette app.

Thanks again for being a part of our fur family and for being an avid reader of The Pet Gazette!


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