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Ready to Wear – Clothing for pets

Your visit to your local pet boutique will have you swimming in precious pet products, quality chow, durable and fun pet toys, dog clothing, and accessories for your furry friend.   

Pet clothing has been popular recently. It isn’t just a Halloween activity anymore, although you will find tons of costumes available for your pups and kitties. When it is cold outside, buying winter apparel for your pet is a great way to keep your pet warm while showing off a little style. It is also a great excuse to shop!

 Another popular item is pet boots from RC Pets, Pawz, or Muttlucks, to name a few, which protect your pet’s paws from ice melt, rock salt, and the freezing cold temperatures.

There are many styles of pet clothes for various pet shapes and sizes. Popular manufacturers of pet coats are Worthy Dog, RC Pet Products, and Canine Kids. They have products that cover the belly, hug the body for warmth, keep your pet dry, and provide the owner with a simple on/off coat. A new product line from Shedrow K9 is horse blanket style coats that fit breeds with deep chests, are extremely warm, and range in sizes from 12” up to 32” in length. 

Stylish sweaters, thermal PJ’s, socks and Snowjams are the next best pet products to keep them warm in the house or used as a layer for outdoors.

Although clothes year-round can jazz up your daily walks, dogs that may be a shorter-haired breed, a senior dog, a puppy, or an animal with a medical condition definitely benefit from the warmth of an extra layer.

So, when you are ready for an afternoon hanging out with your pet, visit your local pet boutique and see the many fun and cute styles available first hand. No changing room required!


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