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No, we are not making a packing list for an upcoming vacation. We’re talking about dogs who have seemingly larger wardrobes than humans do.While we can appreciate changing collars frequently, using bandanas to spruce up a dog’s look, wearing sweaters/jackets in cold weather in thinly coated breeds, or dressing dogs up for special occasions like Halloween or dog-related events, we really don’t understand the need to dress dogs up as human babies on a daily basis.

Does your dog really need to have a lace dress with bows and ruffles to go outside and well do what needs to be done? Does it make her feel pretty? Based on most of the dogs we see dressed up in full clothing, we have a feeling that’s not pride they are feeling, but rather embarrassment and a desire to seek revenge.

While I can’t say that I’ve never dressed the dogs up but the thought of actually doing so on a daily basis and in public is beyond the scope of reality. As much as we love our dogs, they are dogs. We’re pretty sure they don’t care if their shoes (No, we’re not kidding) match their dresses/suits/rompers. There is even an entire tumblr devoted to dogs in clothes.

Another way to look at people who dress their dogs up on a daily basis is that at least they aren’t neglecting their dogs. These dogs are clearly very well loved (heck, we don’t own Prada sunglasses) and in the grand scheme of things, dressing up your dog isn’t really hurting anyone. But seriously, can someone explain why dog needs an entire closet full of shoes, hats, and dresses?


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