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Amazing Veterinary Medical Breakthroughs

As medicinal breakthroughs in human health are made, so too are the advances of veterinary medicine. While we still may be a ways from the doggie brain transplant, there still have been amazing breakthroughs. Following are a few.

Stem Cell Therapy – Not just a point of conversation it is available in veterinary medicine. Its goal is to stimulate and activate dormant stem cells ensuring maximum uptake achieving best possible results.

Cancer Vaccine – In this aspect, veterinary medicine seems leaps ahead of human. This type of vaccine is intended for melanoma a type of skin cancer. Since dogs spend most of their time exposed to the sun without any kind of sunscreen, they can be susceptible to melanoma.

MRI – In another not just for humans entry, magnetic resonance imagery has come to the veterinary medicine. Making a debut at Cornell University in 2004, the first patient was a Persian cat. The imagery technology shows more resilient, detailed images than other similar technology.

The Anti Vaccine Movement –Not just for parents, pet owners have also become more wary of vaccines and the potential adverse reactions they might have on some pets. Talk it over with your pet’s vet and decide for yourself.

Laparoscopy – If your pet had a problem the vet couldn’t readily diagnose, an invasive and dangerous exploratory surgery was often recommended. With this breakthrough, the procedure can be done involving only a small cut and the insertion of a small camera.

Laser Surgery – Not just for corrective eye surgery in humans anymore. Concentrated light sources can be used in spays and neuters, declaws, ear surgery, and other procedures.

Aromatherapy – With a pet’s heightened sense of smell, aromatherapy makes more sense for them than it does for us. According to Holistic Health News, essential oils also serve many practical functions such as boosting your pet’s immune system, fighting off bacteria and viruses… It also doesn’t hurt against offensive odors caused by the dreaded…”Wet Dog” smell!

Dental Vaccine – If your dog is one of the breeds that is more prone to dental disease, you may have been offered a dental vaccine for them, a veterinary breakthrough.

Who’s the Daddy? –Not just the stuff of daytime talk shows, paternity testing and more has now come to pets. It is easy to find a service that offers a paternity test for dogs. Perhaps you’ve wonder if your pet is a purebred or even what kind of mix it might be? Along with other DNA testing, dog owners can now test their dogs DNA to complete a paternity test as well as genetic tests that look for recessive genes that can lead to canine illnesses in certain breeds. Even determine once and for all what the breed is.

Prosthetics – With the concept of prosthetics, or artificial limbs, coming to veterinary medicine, it can result in a meaningful and active life for pets who lose a limb. Although walking on three legs can seem easy, it can actually be very difficult and eliminated with a prosthetic.


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