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Adam Goldberg
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Adam Goldberg started out as a social media specialist for Humane Society Broward County when they asked if he would take on the shelter photography program. At that time, he knew nothing about photography, let alone how to take photos of animals. He spent 8 months learning, watching tutorials and practicing, and actually found taking photos of animals more enjoyable than taking photos of people. From there, he started the Pit Bull Picture Project because he was tired of pit bulls getting such a bad reputation. The goal of the project is to help people picture pit bulls in a different light. The photos show off their goofy and lovable side. A few national publications picked up the Pit Bull Picture Project and it’s been popular ever since. He also uses the same gray backdrop in all of his photos, which makes them very recognizable.

Goldberg doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet for too long. With a passion for charity, he travels the country hosting Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers for animal shelters and charities, most of which are at craft breweries. Since July 2016, he has hosted over 150 events and raised over $70,000.

His favorite photo shoots are when he gets to spend time with adoptable dogs and cats. “I get so much pleasure knowing that my photos will increase their chances of finding a forever home,” Goldberg says. “Sometimes dogs don’t like being in the studio and can be timid or scared by the lights. After a few minutes, most dogs open up and their personality shines,” he explains. “One photo shoot that stands out is from one of my very first Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers. A shy pit bull came in and it took twice as long as it normally does for her to relax anyone else may have given up, but with a calm demeanor and patience, I was able to get a good photo of her.”
His secret? Capturing a pet’s true personality in his photos. He prefers to highlight their goofy side that their owners know and love. Also, have lots and lots of patience, don’t be afraid to make lots of noises and just have fun!

Like most pet photographers, Adam loves being able to create something that makes someone else so happy. “People love their pets and I get to take their photos and memorialize them forever. It’s also rewarding knowing that I get to wake up every day and do what I love to do and am passionate about. Not everyone is that fortunate,” he continues. “I’ve also heard from many people that adopted a pet because of a photo I took. That makes me truly happy.”

But then there’s the pesky side of being a pet photographer – managing the business. “All I want to do is take photos of pets, but I have to set aside time to run administrative tasks like billing, accounting, marketing etc. One day I’ll be able to hire someone to do that for me, but it’s all part of being an entrepreneur.”

His 4-year-old Mini Schnauzer Mix, Rigby and Boston Chihuahua, Bee, and a rescue cat make it all worthwhile, as does his charity work with The Pit Bull Project and The Shelter Pet Cut Out Project.


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