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Animal Magnetism: The Healing Power of P.E.M.F.

In stores we’ve all seen the magnetic bracelets touting special healing powers. Is there any truth to the claims that magnets can promote healing? Smith Ridge Veterinary Center does believe that some forms of magnetic energy can do just that.

Magnets have been used to treat disease for over 500 years but their magnetic fields are stationary, non-varying and have shallow penetration. In contrast, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy, or P.E.M.F. for short, has variable frequency, variable intensity and high penetration ability – which means it can provide lasting benefits in short periods of treatment time. P.E.M.F. has been utilized in human medicine for 60 years for treating a variety of diseases including pain, soft tissue swelling, non-healing fractures, joint pain, and even depression. Now it’s becoming a promising therapy for veterinary patients.

This non-invasive therapy uses electricity to power a magnetic pulse which is directed, via a wand or coil held over the affected body area, through diseased or inflamed tissue. P.E.M.F. therapy has been shown to increase oxygen absorption and protein synthesis within cells and also to increase circulation by causing dilation of the blood vessels. These and other physiological effects work in concert with one another to stimulate healing at a cellular level.

We’ve seen some very promising results in the two years we’ve been using P.E.M.F. The best results have been in cases where there is pain and inflammation. This includes orthopedic cases and neurologic problems such as arthritis and disc disease which typically involve muscle and joint pain and/or diminished range of motion.

One dramatic case was a German Shepherd who had spent an extended period of time in a specialty hospital following spinal surgery. The neurosurgeon noted that the dog’s spinal cord was in terrible shape. After there wasn’t any visible post-surgical improvement, the specialist recommended euthanasia. The owner felt her dog still had happiness and fight left, so she sought our help. We treated him with a combination of acupuncture and P.E.M.F. therapy. To everyone’s amazement, he improved after each treatment. The swelling at his surgery site ultimately resolved and he regained full use of his body, able to run and play normally.

Every case will not be this dramatic, but we are excited to offer P.E.M.F. as a more natural and non-invasive option for treating pet maladies. –Dr. Mike Bartholomew is a veterinarian at Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in South Salem, NY. He is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist.


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