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World Pet News – Spring 2018

Japan – A robot wolf with flashing red eyes and huge white fangs may soon be protecting crops across Japan after scaring away wild boars. It will cost farmers around $4,828 if they want to see it guarding their crops. The Japan Agricultural Cooperative said significantly fewer crops had been lost under the electronic wolf ’s protection. The device can cover more than 3,000 feet, suggesting it is more effective than an electric fence.

Brazil – A pet dog has made a home for himself in front of the hospital where his owner died. The animal, who has no name, has been waiting in front of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Brazil for four months, according to local media reports. The dog first arrived at the unit after chasing after the ambulance that was transporting his owner, a 59-year-old homeless man. It is not the first story of a dog showing unwavering loyalty to its owner.


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