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What’s The Best Bird For You?

Having any pet requires a commitment. Budget, available space, care and maintenance and what characteristics you find most desirable should all be considered.

All birds have unique and distinctively different traits so start by defining your personal objectives. Bonding with your pet is important; if your primary focus is on interaction it’s best to purchase a hand-raised baby. If you favor cage birds finches, canaries or parakeets might be a better choice. The following guideline may help you choose the best pet bird for you and your family Parakeets, the most popular pet bird are cheerful, frisky little birds and some are excellent talkers.

Parakeets seek out ways to interact with their human companions. Parakeets, also known as Budgies inexpensive and easy pets to care for

Cockatiels when hand raised are very affectionate, they are wonderful family pets and love kids. Male cockatiels are talented whistlers and occasionally say a few words.Females are amazing companions for those who want a quiet, gentle bird.

Lovebirds when hand reared are adorable pet birds. They are self confident, inquisitive and always busy. A single lovebird craves interaction with its owner but will entertain himself for hours with a variety of small toys. Lovebirds, not known for talking will easily learn tricks.

African Greys have long been recognized as the most intelligent parrot. African Greys are excellent talkers with an uncanny aptitude to mimic sounds and phrases. Grey parrots are not overly demanding, they are sociable and fiercely loyal to their owners but not cuddly

Cockatoos are naturally cuddly and always want to be with their human companions. Find an acceptable balance between human interaction and independent activity. Cockatoos can be loud so address time management early on and minimize this issue. Love, security and something to chew makes for a happy cockatoo.

Macaws are large, high energy, sometimes loud parrots. They are also are great companions, affectionate, sociable and really playful. That big beak can be intimidating. Big bird, big cage, lots of big toys = a bigger budget.


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