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The Right Cage

Regardless of how good a pet bird owner you may be the fact is that your parrot will spend the majority of its time in a cage. A spacious cage will support your pets physical and psychological needs; consider the size and activity level of your bird and bear in mind that perches, toys, etc. will occupy much of the space.

When it comes to the home, aka, cages we provide for the pet birds in our life domestic manufacturers, unable to compete in the seemingly only thing that matters, price, seem to have vanished from our marketplace.

In today’s world, most bird cages are made in China. Substandard quality in an unregulated industry, is not a recipe for success. Safety, which should be the real issue is being trumped by consumers weaned on the Walmart culture of; price rules the day and nothing else matters. The fact is that no domestic manufacture or importer owns a factory, they purchase goods from one of the three major manufacturers of parrot cages. And in order to supply at price points discounters demand, parrots and other pet birds are paying the price in terms of design,and without their best interest in mind.

The Internet has dramatically changed the face of conventional purchasing and just ask your doctor. His problem is Dr. Internet. Disinformation, wrong information and just plain bad information competes with him. Armed with the Internet bird owners now tend to bypass retail stores completely. When it comes to care and feeding of a life you’ll be bringing into your home for years to come getting professional information is a responsibility. Finding that help at our local pet stores not only helps the pet but guess what, it is fun!

Fortunately we have a number of excellent bird specialty stores in our area. Prices are generally competitive with those found on online, customers have the benefit of expert guidance, and they can inspect the product before purchase and even have it assembled.
Go for a ride and enjoy the retail experience, everyone wins!


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