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Pet Basics…Why We Train

Basic obedience training is an exercise that can benefit any pet. For dogs, obedience training will allow you to gain more control over your dog and, in some instances, could mean the difference between averting a dangerous situation for your dog by watching your dog rush headlong into a serious accident. By simply commanding your dog to come to you when you see danger approaching you can avoid a serious incident for your pet.

Dog training can be fun for you and your pet. Training your dog to sit, stay and come when called are basic commands that are easily taught through simple pet training techniques. And pet training can create an instant bond between you and your pet as you work together to teach your pet basic skills. Training allows you to reward your dog frequently and allows you to interact with your dog in a way that only proper pet training can allow.

Dogs which bark excessively at people or at other pets can be a nuisance for pet owners and neighbors alike. Excessive barking can sometimes even escalate into a situation where the dog begins to become aggressive and may cause your dog to bite if he becomes excited and anxious. By using proper pet training techniques, you can train your dog not to bark at people and other pets.

When training your pet, it is always better to use positive reinforcement methods which provide rewards for your dog when he performs a specific task you are asking of him. The dominance theory of pet training is still promoted by many trainers, but pet training methods utilizing positive reinforcement are gaining popularity and are generally recognized by veterinary behavioral experts as less likely to result in aggression in individual dogs.

3 Basic Training Tips

An excellent dog training requires both time and the right attitude. After all, this is how you establish a relationship with your pet. Since you have no means to verbal language, you need to properly utilize all other forms of communication so your dog can understand what you are trying to teach them.

There are three basic dog training tips that you need to teach your pet. And they are easy to do since all you need is your pet’s favorite snack to motivate them to listen and obey.

  1. “Come Here” Training

This is a basic obedience training that every pet dog must learn. This particular training should be executed before meals or when they’re hungry such that you can utilize the food reward to your advantage and get them to follow your orders.

Begin by sending out a voice command saying “Come here”. Make sure that only your mouth is moving as you do this, and avoid bending over–allow the dog to come to you. If you fail at the first try, use the food to attract the dog’s attention. If the dog comes over to your side, you can allow them to relax and give the food reward.

  1. “Sit Down” Training

Once they have learned to obey the “come here” command, show them the food in your hand. Try shaking the food above the dog’s head as it will cause them to take a natural sitting position while gazing upwards at the food. When the dog bends its legs, this is the time to send out a “sit” voice command.

When it refuses to sit down, you can pull its collar upward. As soon as it sits down reward your pet for the commands it just obeyed.

  1. “Sit Down and Stay” Training

This is an important skill to teach your dog when you go outside. However, you must practice this somewhere inside your house for at least 15 minutes per session.

As with the other two above, always prepare your dog’s favorite snack. As soon as the dog looks at the food, order them to “sit down”. Once they are seated, try to move forward and tell your to stay put by commanding “stay”. If you have moved but your dog has remained in its place, walk to them slowly and offer the reward.

However, repeat the entire process if they did not obey your command during the first instance and do not stop until you succeed in this part of your dog training.


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