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Advantages Of SMALL Dogs

  • No need for pricey Elizabethan collar–just cut the bottom out of a Styrofoam coffee cup.
  • Don’t need to drive to dog park–just put him in flatbed of Ford F350 and let him run
  • Instead of looking wimpy wearing mittens, you look heroic carrying defenseless puffball in freezing cold
  • In a pinch, the puffy ones can fill in for Swiffers
  • No need for a dog run–he can exercise on a hamster wheel
  • Can make doghouse out of old birdhouse… or a milk carton
  • Holding puffy dog increases desirability by planting subliminal suggestion that you have a secret cache of Hostess Sno-Balls.
  • Can sneak them onto a plane under Spanx
  • When an 8 pound dog is sleeping with two people weighing an average of 160 pounds, he’ll only take 40% of the bed, as opposed to a 40 pound dog who’d hog 80%.
  • Wear babies’ hand-me-down onesie
  • For fitness buffs, biceps look larger next to small dog than big dog.
  • Smaller dog=smaller nose=less snail-trails on inside of car windows
  • They won’t run away from home to join the Iditarod

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