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Lost Bird

Mankind has always been amazed and intrigued by birds having the ability to fly. This unique characteristic is essentially a survival mechanism for wild birds, but all too often leads to tragedy for companion birds.

If a beloved pet flies away the outcome can be disastrous and heartbreaking for owners. The harsh reality is that fly-aways will unfortunately continue to occur; the good news is that this can generally be avoided. The best way to prevent your pet bird from flying away is to keep the primary wing feathers properly clipped. This is a painless procedure which can be done by your avian veterinarian or a professional groomer at a bird specialty store.

In the event that your pet gets lost or flies away there are steps you can take that may help lead to a successful recovery. Post a lost bird flyer in the neighborhood. Notify the pet stores, veterinary hospitals and animal shelters in the immediate area.

Birds can travel a great distance before being found, the most likely scenario is that they are recovered by a fellow animal lover. How does that person find the owner? The most effective means is via a microchip technology. The microchip contains an identification number with the owners name and address plugged into a national data base. Most veterinary clinics are able to read the chip and ultimately reunite the pet with its owner. Leg bands or tattoos allow you to identify your bird but have no associated data base.

Make sure doors and windows are closed when your bird is out of his cage to ensure that your pet bird doesn’t get lost, keep his wings correctly rimmed, check the flight feathers regularly to be sure that new feathers have not grown in. In all likelihood these steps will eliminate the risk of loss.


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