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Chances are, almost every cat has its quirks. These odd, sometimes puzzling behaviors are more than just personality traits. They are part and parcel of the subtle, yet hard to define aspects of cats being themselves. When it comes to quirky cats, you may notice any number of peculiar activities that make them appear almost human.

If you are fortunate enough to have watched a mother cat raise her kittens, you may see some of the finest examples of quirky cats behavior. This may include a tendency to see the cat family sit in a circle, and paw at the air together. One must wonder just what is going through their quirky little minds. If you are careful in how you watch adult quirky cats, you may also see them sit up on their haunches and paw at the air. Considering they are cats, it should come as no surprise that they prefer to keep these activities private.

There is no question that feral felines have numerous games they play with their prey. Quirky cats are no different in this tendency. One of the most fascinating things they might do after killing their prey is to simply sit there and meow over it. Without a question, until you’ve seen a cat singing to a supper it caught by itself, you won’t believe this is yet another example of the things quirky cats will do.

Quirky cats are also known to sleep in the strangest places. They have unerring noses and almost paranormal abilities when it comes to finding and getting into a hamper or drawer full of clean laundry. If you always thought cats were fastidious on themselves, they are just as fussy about where they sleep. While sleeping in your clean laundry may make perfect sense in cat think, no doubt you will find it “quirky”.

As anyone who has been owned by quirky cats for many years, can tell you, no two cats will share the exact same traits. If you let them roam freely in the home, they will do everything from sleep on you at night, to park on your keyboard while you are trying to type. Oddly enough, in some cultures, if a cat chooses to lay on a part of your body that hurts, they say the cat will help relieve the pain. Unfortunately, when a cat decides to commandeer your computer, the results are not always as positive.

Many times quirky cats function as incredible burglar and fire alarms. As nocturnal animals, they are most often awake, or at least alert while you are sound asleep. From ancient times to modern, there are many instances of cats finding ways to wake their owners up and warn them of fires, and other dangerous situations.

(Special note! We here at The Pet Gazette can attest to this phenomenon as one night our Siamese cat saved us from a furnace fire with that all to familiar Siamese scream in the middle of the night! There is no sleeping through that alarm.)

Even though you may think your cat’s behavior is quirky or strange, chances are it has a very practical purpose. While we may not understand why quirky cats paw the air and sing to deceased prey, it must have some meaning to them. Cats will also do what they can to assist their keepers. This includes showing up for a good scratch behind their ears and purring when you are stressed out; and perhaps even curing some aches and pains when they decide to sleep on you instead of your clean laundry.


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