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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot uses artificial intelligence to encourage pets to move and exercise by rewarding them with treats. The innovative design was developed in partnership with vets and trainers to stimulate a pet’s mind and body. With the free app, pet owners can create predefined play schedules, engage the Manual Mode for impromptu play and treat sessions, and can easily track their furry friends’ daily activity.

$149 Shop

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

For the family on the move, the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence lets you take your dog and virtual fence wherever you go – with the added ability to track your dog in the unlikely event they leave the containment area. Unlike traditional electric fences with buried wires, SpotOn lets you program containment areas simply by walking a perimeter. At home, at the beach, camping or anywhere in between, your dogs are safely leash-free.

$1,495.00 Shop

CatScan Genetics Testing

CatScan by Paw Print Genetics makes an excellent gift for pet owners, especially those that care deeply about their animal’s health. It screens for genetically inherited diseases and traits – more than 75 variants. Once a product is purchased, an at-home kit is sent to your doorstep. Through simple cheek swabs, you will collect cheek cells and then mail the samples back to their laboratory with the pre-paid mailer. Results will be reported in 14 days or less, one of the fastest turnaround times on the market.

$79.95 Shop

Pet-Ness CBD-Infused Dog Treats

Pet-Ness offers a unique brand of CBD-infused dog treats, made with organically grown,

non-GMO ingredients and human-grade, full spectrum hemp oil. Utilizing herbal blends in each product for a desired effect, Pet-Ness condition-based wellness treats are scientifically formulated to enhance the health of your dog: CALM treats anxiety, HAPPY boosts mood, THRIVE promotes a healthy heart and MOBILITY soothes achy joints. Pet-Ness also offers DogTincture and CatTincture in 500mg CBD strengths to support wellbeing using specific dosages or as an alternative to treats.

$19.97 – $69.99 Shop

Jiminy’s Sustainable Dog Treats

Jiminy’s Sustainable Dog Treats

Finally, an environmentally friendly dog treat! Jiminy’s is a dog treat made from cricket protein. Wait, what? As it turns out, cricket protein is super healthy and eco-friendly. In the USA alone, dogs consume over 32 billion pounds of protein per year, so Jiminy’s decided to address this concern. Raising crickets uses 93% less land compared to meat protein, 2300x less water and 83% less feed. You and your pup can be more

eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, the treats are made with wholesome ingredients like blueberries, oats, lentils, and of course, crickets!

$11.79 Shop

Medterra CBD for Pets

Now, both you and your pet can have relief from aches, pain, and stress! Medterra has an extensive line of products for humans, as well as an innovative Pet Line, including a bundle of pet products – a 300mg tincture in chicken or beef flavors plus joint support soft chews in peanut butter and an additional 1000mg tincture.

$22.99 – $159.00 Shop

Medterra CBD for Pets
Pawscout Bluetooth-Enabled Pet Tag

Pawscout Bluetooth-Enabled Pet Tag

Imagine you have a Golden Retriever who is a runner. But now you have a product that can help find him when he’s wandered into the neighbor’s yard. Pawscout, the Smarter Pet Tag™ is a

bluetooth-enabled pet tag that pairs with a free Pawscout app. If a pet wearing a Pawscout tag is lost, the owner can track their pet within a 300-foot range and, if they stray beyond that range, the community Pet Finder sends out an alert to all app users in the neighborhood. When a Pawscout app user finds your pet, the information on your pet’s profile will help her rescuer take care of her until you arrive. Pawscout has helped find nearly 6,000 missing pets. Very reasonably priced, keep in mind that you can only sync the tag with one user account, so be sure to use the same login information if you have more than one person tracking your pet.

$19.95 for tag and $9.95 for custom name plate Shop

Rocco & Roxie Dog Supply Company

We couldn’t pick one product from this incredible company, so we’re featuring a few. Rocco & Roxie is a family owned and run business, named after the brothers’ cat and dog. Although all of the products we tested were amazing, we recommend the Ultimate Dog Box, which has a great sampling of their products, including Calm Shampoo, a ball, a Rope-Bone, Stain & Odor Eliminator, and Beef Jerky Sticks. They also have a great selection of plush toys. We especially love the wooly mammoth – it’s our dogs new favorite!

$15.97 – $65.97 Shop

Pet House Candles

Pet House Candles, which are specifically made to freshen pet-loving homes, are pretty and they smell incredible. The candles are produced in the USA and are crafted with 100-percent natural, dye-free soy wax and contain absolutely no paraffin/petroleum by-products, making them non-toxic and allergen free. Better yet, Pet House Candles are proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors. We tested a few and that wet dog smell seemed to dissipate!

$2.99 – $21.95 Shop

HempVet CBD Supplements

Research has shown CBD to help people, and now dogs can enjoy the same powerful health benefits with HempVet. Formulated by a board-certified animal nutritionist, the soft chews provide comprehensive remedies with over 80 targeted components for a pet’s overall health and wellness, including muscle recovery, calm, and relaxation (especially during storms, fireworks, or travel), immune system, cognitive function, and inflammatory responses.

$39.99 Shop


  1. Pet-Ness Dog Treats – $19.97 – $69.99
  2. MedTerra – $22.99 – $159.00
  3. HempVet – $39.99
  4. Veritas Farms’ Pet Tinctures – $29.99
  5. PurWell’s PurPet – $39.99

DGP for Pets

DGP is the best all-natural joint supplement for dogs and cats who struggle with their joints and mobility. Developed by leading Australian scientists and herbalists, DGP is a complete all-natural formula that:

  • Supports mobility and flexibility
  • Eases aches and discomfort caused by daily exercise, activity, and training
  • Works quickly; just one week for results!


NK-9 for Pets

NK-9’s ingredient, AHCC, supports a pet’s immune system by increasing Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.

NK Cells are the most important white blood cell type in the immune system. Their main role is to patrol the body, seeking and destroying any harmful cells that threaten your pet’s physical well-being. Nothing defends your pet’s health better than NK-9!


V-dog’s for Everyone

The Pet Gazette learned about this free gift that is available across the US for your pup. Every Saturday, V-dog, a leading national dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, has partnered with

plant-based fast-casual restaurant Veggie Grill to launch Weekend Bottoms Pups. Pet parents will be invited to bring their dogs along to select restaurant patios on Saturdays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. During the designated times, Veggie Grill will be providing free vegan dog treats from v-dog to those in attendance. V-dog’s signature “plant powered” green bandanas will also be available as free gifts for pet parents interested in styling their dinner companions! Check out to find a location near you.

$55.99 Shop

WEN® Pets Cleansing & Treatment Products

WEN® has created a line of shampoos, conditioners, and replenishing treatment mists for pets that is sure to pamper your fur baby. The Lemon Rosemary Vanilla Bean Cleansing Conditioner smells heavenly, and its’ non-lathering cleanser is pH balanced and packed with essential oils, extracts and nutrients. It leaves your pet’s coat smooth, shiny, and hydrated. The Lavender Mint Eucalyptus Replenishing Treatment Mist is sure to calm your cat or dog. It’s rich in vitamins, nutrients, natural extracts, amino acids and peptides, and is the perfect blend of ingredients to quickly refresh your furry friend by restoring shine and moisture, to help give them healthier, hydrated, younger looking coats. WEN® Pets brings you the quality and results you expect from WEN® to your pets.

$40 – $72 Shop

WEN® Pets Cleansing & Treatment Products

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