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Give the Gift of Wellness

CBD oil has become an increasingly popular supplement to use for your furry friend’s wellness over the past several years. From calming separation anxiety and noise phobias to easing joint discomfort and slight pain, you should be comfortable purchasing a CBD product to be included in your dog or cat’s daily regimen. 

    Since the wellness potential is so broad, don’t overlook buying CBD as a gift for your recipients’ dog or cat. You should look for a product that is made from hemp, third-party lab tested, has minimal ingredients and contains under .3% or zero THC. I would choose the latter. THC can cause your animal to feel uncomfortable and unable to control the movements of their muscles, resulting in collapse or stumbling, which would be the opposite of the desired effects you were looking for.

    It’s best to deal with a transparent company that engages with their customers. One brand that comes to mind is CBD Jane’s Pet Shop. The folks there are always available to assist with questions and concerns through email at or on their Instagram page

I have used their CBD oil with my cat Josephine 15-30 minutes prior to grooming and nail clipping. It puts her in a calming demeanor and she doesn’t pull away. They also have testimonials posted so you can relate to others who have used CBD in their dog or cat’s path to wellness.

    When thinking about what you are going to buy for your next gift, don’t overlook the amazing gift of wellness, and the versatile benefits of CBD oil for your recipients’ dog or cat. They will calmingly thank you!


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