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First “Smart” Litter Box for Cats

During a vet visit both the animal and the owner can be equally stressed, and because of this stress the results of an examination might not be accurate. But did you know that a simple urine analysis can provide insightful information of the animal’s health and can also detect chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure and liver disorders?

Armed with this information, a French startup created Caremitou, a connected litter box designed to check and track cat health and wellness by observing their behavior, weight and carrying out biological analysis all in the comfort of your home. Basically, Caremitou tracks cat health and shares the results with your vet remotely.

It is the first patented medical veterinary product available on the market. This innovation allows you to observe the behavior of your pet on a daily basis and get an analysis of your cat’s biological data.

First “Smart” Litter Box for Cats

With Caremitou owners can:

  • Observe their cat without disturbing the behavior of the animal
  • l  Regularly check their cats weight via sensors
  • l  Check the frequency and duration of their cats visits in the litter box
  • l  Measure their cats temperature (the cat needs to be equipped with the electronic compatible chip)
  • l  Perform regular urine tests
  • l  Collect up to 14 usable samples for testing
  • l Track any chronic diseases, such as kidney insufficiency and diabetes

Additionally, through a mobile application, you can stay in contact with your vet for the screening test, the follow-up or any emergency. Your vet can also have an analysis follow-up, check any medical treatment in progress and schedule appointments.

Health Track Device for Cats

In order to transfer the collected data, the owner simply needs to pair, via Bluetooth, his smartphone with the e-litter. If the results exceed the limits defined previously by the vet, a notification will be sent, allowing him to send the results to the vet for interpretation and follow-up. Caremitou is really discreet, on a daily basis, and informs both sides only in case of abnormal activity. This is really a useful futuristic track cat health machine. 


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