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Waggle Foundation Tackles Economic Euthanasia

More than 500,000 pets (a conservative estimate) are unnecessarily put-down each year because their guardians – either families/individuals, shelters or rescues – are simply unable to afford the cost of the medical treatment which would provide a healthy and happy life.

    Enter the Waggle Foundation and their mission to end this ongoing, and ever-growing, tragedy of economic euthanasia. They are making great strides in their efforts to bring much needed help to both the pet-in-need and the pet guardian, but they can use more help.

    Visit petlist to see and read about the many heartfelt stories of dogs and cats who received help and those who still need support. Filter your search with 100% funding to see all the pets who have received vital surgeries and are thriving (check out Chessie, Tippy and Tiny Tim’s stories). You can also read about and donate to the many other pets who are still in dire need (see Caira, Minnie and Captain).

    Lastly, check out Waggle’s Pet Of The Month. Time is of the essence and Spencer needs our help. Spencer is an 11-year-old three-legged German Shepherd who needs $1,500 for chemotherapy. Thank you to the Waggle Foundation for setting up this much needed support for those in need.


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