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Dogs have human-like sense of morality, research shows

Humans and dogs have lived side-by-side for centuries, and new research has given us even more insight into the feelings of man’s best friend. Researchers at Kyoto University’s department of psychology in Japan have worked out that dogs have an almost human-like sense of morality. During a series of experiments, they found that our canine chums were less likely to interact with anyone they perceive as acting rudely or unfairly.

One experiment involved watching a dog watching two people (one of which was its owner) arrive with three balls each One asked the other for their balls and, in some cases, that person obliged – handing over all their balls. Next, the person who had given up their balls asked for them back – again, sometimes the person obliged and other times they declined.

Following this exchange, the dogs were offered treats by both parties. And the researchers found that the dogs were less inclined to accept treats from the person they had observed as being selfish.

The researchers claim both the dogs and the capuchin monkeys that were also tested, made social judgements similar to those that a human might make.

Protect your pooch with the ‘smart dog collar device’ that REALLY tells you how it’s feeling

“We will be able to use this device to measure activity that, until now, could only be judged in a subjective way by owners at home, or with us during a consultation,” said Dr. Arnaud Muller, a European Veterinary Specialist in Dermatology. “What this provides is a really precise measurement which, based on your dog’s behaviour, gives tangible and reliable figures. “This means we could even use it to support the assessment of treatment.”

Hero monkeys helped lost man survive for days in the Amazon

A Chilean tourist survived for nine days while lost in a dense expanse of Bolivian rainforest – thanks to a troop of hero monkeys who “dropped him fruit and led him to shelter and water every day,” the man claimed.

Maykool Coroseo Acuna, 25, went missing from his Max Adventures tour group at Madidi National Park, a protected rainforest in the northwest part of the South American country, National Geographic reported.


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