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Dog Found 3 Years After Missing

A dog who was missing for three years has been reunited with his family after being found almost 200 miles away from home. Donna Wreford found a small Yorkshire Terrier wandering around her home. After asking around the neighborhood, Wreford took the dog to the Animal Shelter.

Workers at the shelter used an electronic wand to scan the dog and determined he had a microchip implant that had owner information on file with the American Kennel Club. Workers contacted the AKC, who confirmed that the dog was reported missing by a family located in Columbus, Ohio more than three years ago.

The AKC contacted the owners, Ta-Shina and Darrin Green – who were still currently living in Columbus – and advised them to contact the Animal Shelter for some good news regarding their lost dog.
The Greens immediately drove the three and a half hour trek from Columbus, making it to the shelter just before closing time, and were finally reunited with Rexxn.

“After three years I never thought I would see my dog again. This truly is the best Christmas ever for our family,” said Ta-Shina Green. “When Rexxn came up missing I was nine months pregnant, and my daughter (now three years old) and Rexxn are already attached to one another as though he had been with us her whole life.”

With the successful reunion this story should encourage pet owners to microchip pets to help ensure all pets make it back home.

China ‘Cloning Factory’

T he world’s biggest animal “cloning factory” is due to open in China, producing one million calves a year, sniffer dogs and even genetic copies of the family pet. The “commercial” facility will edge the controversial science “closer to mainstream acceptance”, Chinese media said, following the development of a technique which began when Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal when she was born in Scotland in 1996.

Interest in agricultural biotechnology has been rapidly increasing in China, where farmers are struggling to provide enough beef for the country’s growing middle classes. Prices of the meat are said to have tripled from just 2000 to 2013.

The new facility will clone racehorses and a handful of dogs for people with “emotional ties” to their pets, but its main focus was producing cattle. The factory, which will include a laboratory and a gene bank is due to open in the first half of next year. They will clone dogs for customers willing to pay $100,000, and have already produced more than 550 puppies.

Hwang Woo-Suk was considered a national hero when he pioneered the world’s first cloned dog in 2005, but his research into creating human stem cells was found in 2006 to have been faked.

Dog Saves Trapped Pup By Luring Police Officer, Just Like Lassie

It was a scene straight out of an episode of “Lassie.” Police in western Massachusetts say a dog approached an officer barking frantically and then led the officer across a field and down an icy, 30-foot embankment, where the dog’s canine companion had become entangled in the undergrowth.

Firefighters used a ladder to free the trapped dog, which was taken to a veterinarian for a checkup.
The two dogs had run off hours earlier when their owner suffered a medical emergency at her home and was taken to the hospital. Police tried to catch the dogs, but they kept running away.


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