Pet Acupuncture

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Traditional Chinese Medicine was practised before 1766 BCPet Acupuncture Is An Option NowAcupuncture is a therapeutic treatment that originated in China over 4000 years ago, long before the origin of…

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Since we wondered, are fingerprints as unique as a paw prints, which they aren’t… (too bad would have been fun humanization factoid) we found out something else. Humans, along with…

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Vacations & Pets

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Vacation means warm beaches, breezy campgrounds, posh spas — a break from daily stress and a great way to unwind and leave our cares behind. But if you have a…

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Trends With Pets

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“How would you describe your dog’s temperament?” the representative from a company that sells dog food containing horsemeat, asks two pet owners sitting in front of him. “She’s picky and…

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