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Designer Dogs Are Another Trend

You probably know what greyhounds and German shepherds look like, but chances are you haven’t heard much about puggles or pomapoos. That’s because the last two names refer to the trend of “designer” dogs or dogs created by mixing certain breeds together — in this case, pugs and beagles, and Pomeranians and poodles.

What Are Purebred Dogs * Purebreds are dogs who share a series of common characteristics and share a common genetic pool. That’s what makes it easy to recognize the breeds. In order for a puppy to be recognized by the American Kennel Club as a purebred, the mother and father must be registered with the AKC, proving that they are purebreds as well.

Designer Dogs Into The Mix * Designer dogs are a new trend in pet ownership. They have been created by mixing two recognized, purebred species and creating a new one. These new mixes are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but some might be recognized by smaller organizations, such as the International Designer Canine Register. Some mixes have become quite popular, as is the case with labradoodles, a mix of a poodle — not a toy poodle but a full-size one — and a Labrador. For those wanting a small dog, the shorkie, a mix of a Yorkshire terrier and a shih tzu, can be a good option.

Breed Characteristics * One of the major differences between designer and purebred dogs is a standard look. If you mix two cocker spaniels, you have a clear idea of what the resulting puppies will look like. When you mix designer dogs, the puppies can come out looking very different to each other. For example, some labradoodles have very curly coats, while others do not. Some are slim like poodles, while others have more muscular bodies, like Labradors. Size, weight and even personality are difficult to ascertain when you mix two very different breeds. This inconsistency makes it difficult to predict what the puppies will look like, and it’s the main reason AKC does not recognize the mixes.

Designer Dogs vs. Mixed Dogs * Designer dogs are technically just mixed dogs, at least according to AKC and other organizations. Mixed dogs are just what they sound like: two dogs of different breeds having puppies. Designer dogs are specific mixes. It’s not just any two dogs breeding, but dogs that are put together to obtain certain characteristics. For example, labradoodles are bred because of their hypoallergenic coat, which poodles have but Labradors don’t.


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