Kitten Stages

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Every kitten stage has a unique disposition and temperament just like every person does. However, just as there is a typical stage of human behavior during each growth period from…

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The most important time in your pet’s life is right now. A puppy or kitten comes into this world and immediately begins learning from their surroundings and every interaction they…

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Pets & Prozac

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When writer James Vlahos first started looking into a story about people who gave their pets psychiatric drugs, he thought the idea itself was pretty crazy. “We’re giving drugs to…

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The Black Cat

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Black cats have long been associated with both the malignant and good forces in this world, depending mostly on where you come from. At Halloween, the image of the evil…

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Feline Health Issues

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Cats are good at self-maintenance, but even your fastidious feline can’t prevent some of the more common cat diseases and health issues. Here’s a brief overview.Vomiting: Causes range from eating…

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