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Thinking about Pet Containment?

Traditional fencing, underground electronic pet containment, dog crates, dog runs, tethers and leashes all provide containment for your pet–some are more affordable and some are safer for your pet, but at the end of the day they all contain your pet. Part of being a responsible dog owner is choosing the best method of containment for your family and your pet.

The type, breed or size of the pet does not need to dictate the method of containment. It is better to choose a system that meets the unique needs of the individual owner and pet. A $12 leash may be the cheapest containment method, but if the owner is not consistently home throughout the day and willing to walk and exercise the pet several times each day it is not the best choice for that pet or owner.

Traditional fencing, no matter what the material, is a solid choice for containment. While most pets can dig under or even some jump over traditional fences, appropriate training should minimize this occurrence. The down side to traditional fencing is that it is generally the most expensive choice and it can often distract from the decor of your property. It may also be restricted by neighborhoods, so owners should check local zoning laws before choosing this method.

Exercise pens and kennels give your pet limited space to exercise and keep him properly contained when you can’t be there to supervise. Typically these pens and kennels are made of durable metal and can be designed to fit any space, inside or out. These are a great and affordable choice for those that need a portable or temporary space for their pet.

Underground electronic pet containment systems are increasingly popular and provide your dog the freedom to play and roam while keeping him safe within the boundaries of your yard. These fence systems can be installed on almost any property and are considerably less expensive than traditional fencing. They are also a great alternative when subdivisions do not allow owners to construct visible fencing.

As is often the case with electronic pet containment, it works by burying a wire around the perimeter of your yard; your dog is outfitted with an electronic collar and when he comes close to the wire, the collar delivers an audible warning tone. If he continues toward the boundary, he receives a static pulse. With proper training your dog will quickly learn to avoid the boundary and remain safely at home. Unlike other pet fencing the underground system can also be used to protect swimming pools, gardens, landscaping.

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