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No Dogs Left Behind – Jeffrey Beri

Annually, the world focuses on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival however, dog torture and consumption is a 365 days a year issue in China. No Dogs Left Behind has boots on the ground there, rescuing, educating and hoping to change the culture and the law.

Dedicated to ending the dog meat trade by shutting down slaughterhouses, exposing the butchers, educating the general public about the humane treatment of dogs and working with government officials throughout the world to put laws into place to stop the brutal and barbaric treatment of dogs by humans, No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) is a non-profit organization that needs awareness.

To educate us, the staff at NDLB explains that much of the dog meat trade takes place in countries in Asia. “We believe that there are no borders in the fight to end the dog meat trade. We have chosen to focus on fighting to end the dog meat trade in China because that is where the greatest number of dogs in the world are being brutalized. Every year about 20 million dogs are beaten, tortured and slaughtered in China. It is a 365-days-a-year fight.”

The fight takes on more urgency with the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival 10,000-15,000 dogs are butchered, eaten, and skinned, often alive, to make fur trims. “We will be on high alert at this time in order to rescue more dogs. The shocking thing is that the majority of the dogs being tortured and eaten were once someone’s house pet and were stolen from their homes or sold to the butchers by their owners.” Currently, NDLB has approximately 175 dogs in their shelter in Beijing – all rescued from dog meat trucks and slaughterhouses. As you can imagine, they need to make room for more of the dogs that will be rescued. And these dogs deserve loving, forever homes.

Jeffrey and the shelter staff work patiently and tirelessly with the dogs at our shelter while they recover and learn to trust humans again. When they are sent to their new homes, the dogs are global ambassadors. Their behavior in their new homes speaks louder than any words. When they walk the streets of the U.S. or Canada, they send a message to everyone who sees them. They are survivors and ambassadors of the work that No Dogs Left Behind does. The dogs don’t realize just how special they really are.

What you Need to Know About NDLB Mission?

In 2016, founder Jeffrey Beri had just come off of a historic rescue mission in China. He and other activists had rescued and were successfully treating, rehabilitating and transporting 121 dogs from Yulin with funding provided by the Soi Dog Foundation. It took Jeff and his team of volunteers months upon months of constant treatment and rehabilitation for these dogs to get well and learn to love and trust again.

Having witnessed the extraordinary cruelty, Jeffrey made a decision: he was giving up his career and his life in the U.S. and he would remain in China, leading the rescue fight and rehabilitating rescued dogs. In early 2017, Jeffrey founded No Dogs Left Behind. NDLB has two missions of equal importance: end the dog meat trade completely and permanently; and, until we accomplish that goal, rescue as many dogs as possible, rehabilitating them and finding them forever homes

The entire organization operates on the Five Pillars of Rescue which Beri developed:

  • Emergency Response – brave activists track and then intercept dog meat trucks and stop the drivers from taking the dogs to the slaughterhouse. NDLB and its team members provide emergency medical treatment to the dogs, all of whom are sick, beaten or starving (or all three).
  • Shelter Operations Protocol – Once the dogs are stabilized, they are brought back to the NDLB shelter to continue medical treatment, be vaccinated and spayed/neutered, and rehabilitated emotionally and psychologically.
  • Adoption – The goal is to adopt the dogs to loving homes. The adoption process is costly. It is expensive to pay for the dogs’ transport and we must find a “flight hero” willing to travel to Beijing and return to the U.S. or Canada with the dogs.
  • Education – Educating the youth in China is a huge part of the operation. Teaching children to love and respect animals is what will ultimately bring an end to the brutal treatment of these dogs.
  • Government Advocacy – Quite possibly the most important step is getting the sale and consumption of dog meat outlawed. As impossible as this may seem, increasing numbers of Chinese support ending the dog meat trade. While pressure from outside of China is important, this goal can only be achieved with the support of the Chinese people themselves.

No Dogs Left Behind is a registered 501.c.3 and engages every stage of rescue, from emergency response to final adoption through international alliances and engaging local resources.

Thanks to our generous supporters they will receive the food and medical care they need to survive and a flight to a loving forever home in the USA.


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