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Why Do Dogs Run Away?

It’s a foggy Saturday morning and you’re ready to take Fluffy out on his regular morning jog. You open your back door and are surprised see that the side gate has been swung ajar. Tufts of Fluffy’s fur cling to the sides of the gate and your darling dog is nowhere to be seen. As you walk into the oddly quiet garden, it hits you; your dog has run away.

Once you pinpoint the reason why your dog is running away, you will begin to understand how to avoid it.
1. Most Common Reasons: Boredom, Loneliness or Sexual Urges – Dogs that are locked in a home or a small yard for hours at a time without any attention or stimulation can get bored or lonely. When they run away, they get to roam wherever they please, dig in the neighbors yard, chase cats and hang out with other dogs. Therefore, this behavior can be positively reinforced every time they run away.
2. Dogs are following their instinctual desires – and may want the freedom to follow a tasty scent or to find other dogs to chase squirrels with. Furthermore, un-neutered dogs may go roaming in search of a mate.
3. They are reacting to a frightening sound or situation – When dogs are confronted with frighteningly loud noises or fireworks, they may feel the need to escape their confines to get away from the sound.
4. There is access to an easy escape – If there is a gate or fence that is low enough to jump over, broken enough to fit through or easy enough to open, chances are your dog will try and escape. The best thing you can do is double check your backyard to make sure it is fully enclosed and secure.
Having a dog that constantly bolts and runs away can be frustrating and exhausting. It can be tough to eliminate this problem but being a smart owner you avoid it as much as possible because even dogs know, there’s no place like home.


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