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Unusual Pet Career Pet Friendly Landscaping Now that’s a service!

Abackyard designed with your pet in mind–what a great idea! Pawfriendly Landscapes Inc specializes in landscaping your yard around the needs of your pets. Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. is a complete pet friendly landscape company. Their philosophy is to create customized landscape designs based on your dog’s habits, both good and bad. They do not try to re-train dogs, rather they incorporate material that withstands foot traffic, urine, destruction of plant material, among other “habits” of your four legged critters. Established in 1998, they are the pioneers in creating pet friendly yards that are both beautiful and functional. Since dogs will use their yard more than any other family member all year round, they offer landscape design services for all seasons. Pawfriendly Landscapes believes in giving back to the community so they support numerous local animal shelters.

They take an inventory of your pets habits, work up a custom design for you, and do the full installation. A practical yard for your pets and a beautiful space for you. Their website shows examples of backyard designs that include pet features such as: outdoor cat litter boxes, doggie hydrants made with stones, dog racetracks, odor neutralizing mulch, cobbling beds with stone to deter digging, raised beds to deter trampling of plants, prickly planting to deter chewing of plants, latice above fences to deter jumping over fences

You can send them plans and photos of your yard, and descriptions of your pets habits and they will custom design a landscape for you and you can take their plans to local contractors to quote the construction. If you are good in the garden and want to start a pet related business but don’t want to work hands on with pets this could be the business for you. Make your own designs or use their service to get the design work done and then provide the construction service.


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