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Come Be With Your Friend, Your Dog

Anyone who has been around Border Collies knows, with a heritage of herding sheep, they are not easy for most people to handle. Their extremely demanding, high energy focus requires activities with a real job to do and left unfulfilled their herding instincts can lead to car chasing, even nipping. Worse cases can cause obsessive behaviors when living in city or suburban settings creating chaotic living situations and behavior problems.

Glen Highland Farm is an off-leash resort for canines and humans to play and get away on vacation together in upstate Morris, NY. Sixteen years ago founders and husband/wife team, John Andersen and Lillie Goodrich, gambled with their normal lives due to a desire to help the at-risk Border Collie breed. Lillie Goodrich left the world of television producing and urban life, to create a refuge called Sweet Border Collie Rescue at Glen Highland Farm. But an uphill push year after year, with kind donors that supported their rescue efforts wasn’t the long term option. So they got down to business.

The team set about to find an ideal rural spot for the rescue operation and vacation escape for dog lovers where winding back roads lead past farms far from crowded urban and suburban settings. There dogs have a safe place to actually be dogs, off leash, and since then thousands of canines and humans have benefited from their passionate mission.

Beginning in 1999, Glen Highland Farm has welcomed two and four-legged vacation guests to enjoy hiking, swimming and exploration of the 175 acre sanctuary designed for fun. Spring-fed Bullfrog pond can be either serene and relaxing or wildly fun for canine water lovers. Dogs can wade in from the beach or leap off the floating dock. Butternut Creek, runs throughout the Farm with babbling brooks to fast currents and hidden swimming holes, a surprise around every bend!

Lodging options include oversized cabins, modern rv’s and luxury tents, all styled with canine casual comfort in mind. Firepit cooking in the dining pavillion brings out the best social times not to mention delicious meals. Kicking back at a cozy fire after a day of dog inspired hiking, brings out the best in both canine and human. This sprawling Farm welcomes hundreds of visitors, some returning year after year. And, it’s one of the very few places that welcomes multiple dog households where literally, all the dogs can come! Friendships are forged and groups pre-book upcoming stays together. In fact placed the Getaway as their #1 destination.

Sweet Border Collie Rescue at Glen Highland Farm is recognized as the leading and largest Border Collie Rescue in the U.S. Your vacation dollars help fund the on-site, Sweet Border Collie Rescue where close to 3000 dogs have found new homes thanks to this mission. While you’re having a great time, homeless, abandoned Border Collies get a chance to find new purpose! Lives are saved with your vacation dollars.

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