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Dog Adoption Tips – Bringing Home A New Rescue Dog

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Bringing a new rescue dog after adopting him is very exciting. Especially if you find a rescue dog that matches your personality. Adopting a dog is not simple if you are looking for the best family dogs to adopt. You have to go to different adoption houses to choose the best rescue dog for yourself or your family. But once you have adopted the right dog, settling him in with the family is the next big task that needs time and patience. 

Like humans, dogs cannot fit into just any space the moment you bring them in. They also need time and space to familiarize themselves with the new setting and new members. You might have prepared a warm welcome for your rescue dog, but still, it’s a new place for them, no matter how cozy and comfortable it is.

Giving a good bed and food to your new dog is just not enough in the initial days when your dog is trying to settle in your home. He needs your time, attention, and care to thrive in the new environment. 

If you’ve adopted a puppy-like German shepherd, it’s crucial to give them care and attention in the earlier days. They might adjust to the surroundings easily, but they still need more attention than adult dogs.

Your care and attention are necessary for the first few weeks, and so is your training. In the first few weeks, the things you will train will remain with your dog for a lifetime. Your responsibility to make your dog happy does not end by just adopting him; you have to make his life happy and healthy.

It will require a lot of effort in the first few weeks, especially if you have brought a dog home for the first time. But don’t worry; here are some tips that you can use to make your dog happy and grow your relationship with him.

Prepare for the Arrival

Preparing your home before bringing your doggo home is one of the most important steps, and here is what you need to do:

  • Put away any dangerous things that might harm your dog.
  • Go for shopping to bring all the necessary things for your dog, which include a food plate, dog bed blanket, collar, leash, toys, shampoo, dog food, conditioners, trimmers, etc…
  • Make sure to make the first aid box for your doggo before his arrival to avoid any accidents. A standard dog first aid box or medical kit includes; styptic powder for nail bleeding, thermometer, Benadryl for allergic reactions, tick puller, vet wrap, and hydrogen peroxide to induce the vomiting reflex in case your doggo ingests something harmful, etc.

Stay Cool and Calm

You will be very excited to bring your new dog home, but do not forget the fact that your doggo has to leave his previous home and shift to an unknown place. He might be stressed and anxious, so your cool and calm behavior is the need of the hour. If possible, take someone along with you to bring your rescue dog home so that there is someone to comfort him back home.

Go for a Walk

Your place will be unfamiliar to your new rescue dog, so it is essential to show him around. Take your doggo for a walk to show the neighborhood; he feels fresh and loves seeing new things around.

As we’re aware, most of the rescue dogs are very energetic, the long walk will also make them dissipate some energy, and they will feel calm on going to their new home.

Give them a Tour Around

Once you have entered the home, don’t make them sit in the corner by busying yourself with other things. Instead, give them a grand tour of their new home. Show them all the places, the garden, the pool, and everything your home has. 

You can start training basic rules of permission and self-control from the very start. Training is important no matter what breed your dog is and what personality he has. Teaching him to stand, sit and wait is very important, and you need to give these commands from the very start so that your dog understands the rules and practices them as soon as he can. Asking for permission before entering the house is an important part of the training; this helps you in many ways, especially when you have guests around.

Keep it Intimate

Remember, your dog is not a new car that you can show to all your relatives and family members as soon as you bring it home; it’s a living creature and needs time to settle in. your doggo is already going through a lot by leaving his previous home and shifting into the new one, no matter how comfortable you make his new home. Still, he needs time to build a relationship with it.

Therefore, refrain from introducing new people to your dog the moment you bring him in. once your doggo has settled in and is free from the new place anxiety, you can introduce him to whoever you want. The dog will not be as anxious to meet new people as much as he would on his first day home.

Give them Time to Rest

Your dog might be fatigued with all the mental stress of the new place and excitement at the same time. There is a mixture of feelings going on in his mind, and he needs an early rest as so much happened in just a day. Show them their bed and let them sleep comfortably in their new home. Make sure that the bed is cozy and comfortable.

Over To You!

Adopting a rescue dog and bringing him home is not a difficult task, and definitely, there’s no rocket science in it. You just need to give attention and care to your new dog as he left his old home and shifted to a unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, adopting a dog is one of the best feelings on Earth! 


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