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Pet Gifts

According to, more than 63% of pet owners buy their four-legged friends holiday gifts. What forgot to mention is that the pet gift buying actually lasts all year! Our four-legged friends can’t tell us what they want. We look to our local pet shops, and of course, the internet, to guide us to what’s trending in pet gifts this year–and beyond.

Practical Gifts For People With Pets

Look locally and you’ll find shevles that carry SSs Cats Spray. A portable motion detector, this product will keep Kitty away from your Christmas Tree (or any place kitty shouldn’t be). This small unit gives off a puff of air when a cat (or dog) approaches.

At Animal Fair in Ridgefield, owner Connie Kamendulski now carries CritterZone, a compact air purifier for pet households. This product won the New Products Showcase at the SuperZoo/National Show for Pet Retailers last month in Las Vegas. A small, plug-in device, it eliminates pet odors around littler boxes, dog beds, and even ferret cages. It can also be used, at their bedside, by people allergic to pets to reduce the dust and dander in the air. Connie expects these units will become the “essential” product in every pet home.

Made In The USA, Organic, Recyclable…

Fairfield County speciality pet stores know that conscientious pet parents are insisting on products made in the US. Cheap, imported toys are out. Organic, recyclable materials are in.

Cats really have it made with organic catnip toys from “From the Field,” a company out of Washington State that manufactures vegetable-dyed, fabric-covered organic catnip toys. And for dogs and cats also available are “West Paw” pet products, another eco-friendly US company.

You’ll find that Village Critter Outfitters in New Canaan carries the Planet Dog toys pet line. These toys are completely eco-friendly and a percentage of the company’s profits are donated to organizations such as Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Even the pet bowl business has completely met the demand for US-made products. Fiesta Ware, a well-known and well-respected US dinnerware company established in 1871 now manufactures pet bowls under the name of Pet Ware. Look and you shall find, locally.

Durable and Stimulating

Along with the demand for US made and organic products, pet parents are always ready to pay the extra dollars for a dog toy that will last. Some shops owners swear by “Katie’s Bumpers” products. They make long, chew toys made from the same material as a fire hose–and, they’re made in the US–and, they squeak! In fact they claim they’re virtually indestructible.

Another manufacture, the “Invincibles” brand dog toys offers six squeakers, this toy continues to squeak even after being punctured several times! Great for the dog. Not so great for the pet parent.

Want something to keep dogs busy–and stimulated? Joanne Baltuck of Oliver’s Place, Wilton, caries Nina Ottosun’s puzzles for dogs. With treats hidden behind the removable blocks, the puzzles are available in sizes to suit your dog’s activity level and age. For a less expensive gift with the same degree of stimulation try the Kyger puzzle. Joanne says her cocker spaniel will work at this puzzle for a “good 15-20 minutes.” Made from extremely durable hard plastic, it won’t splinter if chewed.

For Musical Cats Only

Does your cat have untapped musical talent? Here’s the perfect toy to let kitty express his or her flair for music. An actual “scratching” toy, your cat will be the life of his party, and your furniture will be saved in the process! The scratcher comes with a fold together structure designed to look just like a professional DJ table, an adjustable tone arm, and a scratch pad that spins when prompted by kitty. Decorated with cat smiley faces, paw prints, cat treats, and humorous band stickers–your personal disk jockey will certainly be the hit of the party. Available from the Humane Society at

For All Other Cats

No cat toy box is complete without the perennial feline favorite, the Laser pen. This essential cat gift can also be found at almost all area retailers.

Holiday Stuff

And what self respecting purveyor of pet products doesn’t have a slew of holiday-inspired catnip toys, with either Hanukkah and Christmas motif? When you’re “just looking” and want to shop for fun pet toys and treats to reward your 4-legged friend, visit The Pawprint Market in Darien. Their (Cont. From Pg. 18) shelves are stocked with cat toys including spring, sparkly and cat-nip toys. They also have natural or raw, frozen bones for when your dog is a good boy and gift items for dog and cat owners.

Cross Over Toy Of The Year

Taking a page from their credibly popular “people”game, Hartz has “Angry Birds” toys for dogs and cats that can be purchased at Products/. Perfect for the “gamer pet” in your house.

High Tech Gifts

Within seconds, someone who finds your pet wearing his Barkcode Tag can access all your pet’s up-to-date contact and medical information–with or without a Smart Phone. The information can be updated and changed by the pet owner 24 hours a day. Visit

For those who fancy the outrageous, there’s always a host of the most outrageous pet gifts available each year. Check out this bunk bed. What other choice is there if you have two dogs? See the LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk-Bed at

This little piece of bling with an 8.5-carat sapphire pendant for your pet goes for a mere $899,000. If your pet really has to have it, you can buy it at

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