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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

The 4th of July is upon us. With large gatherings, fireworks going off, lots of food around, and doors being propped open, this fun holiday can be a perilous time for pets. The ASPCA has compiled a list of top tips to help pet owners keep their animals safe and happy as we celebrate.

Top five tips for pet owners:

1. Sparks Don’t Fly: Never use fireworks around pets and leave animals at home when you head out to July 4th celebrations. Keep unused fireworks out of reach, as they can contain hazardous materials.

2. Always ID: Ensure pets always wear a collar and visible ID tag with your updated contact information and are also microchip IDed. With guests over, outdoor gatherings, and more, holidays offer up many chances for a pet to slip out an open door.


3. Scrap the Table Scraps: Common July 4th foods including onions, grapes, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, and more can be very toxic to pets! Keep human treats to people and consider giving your pet a favorite toy or treat of their own to celebrate with you.

4. Be APPropriately Prepared: In addition to IDing your pet, make sure you have up-to-date photos of your animal available, and download the ASPCA Mobile App in case Fido or Fluffy does escape.

The app gives step-by-step instructions on searching for a missing animal and lets owners create a digital lost pet flyer.

5. Secure Screens and Protect Pools: Keep windows and doors closed or tightly secured with adjustable screens to avoid the risk of a fall, and never leave pets unsupervised around a pool – not all of them are good swimmers.

Visit the ASPCA website for more July 4th safety and summer safety tips. And enjoy your July 4th!


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