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*DGP is appropriate for dogs and cats by Nadia Ruiz

Running and dogs are probably the two most beautiful gifts in my life that bring me so much happiness and peace. If I can combine both, it is my ultimate moment of joy. I have been active and competitive in a variety of endurance sports for the past 20 years, so naturally, everyone in my family unit is active, including my pups.

I have a 9-year-old yellow male Labrador, Max, who has been my little shadow and loyal companion always eager to be near me and give me puppy kisses. I also have a 7-year-old fawn male boxer, Bruno, who brings so much laughter into my life with his snorting, farting, and snoring—boxer owners, you know. I have raised them with the greatest amount of love and care that I can offer since they were six weeks old. Needless to say, these two are my world and my furry children.

Being a person who loves the outdoors, my pups and I are perfect adventure companions as we climb mountains and run many miles together. In his younger years, my Labrador could run over 20 miles at my pace on the trails. Sometimes as fast as 6:30 min/mi for our shorter, the road runs. He was a perfect, happy running partner.

Naturally, as we humans age, he too began to slow down and experience a longer recovery time. It was a difficult adjustment, but I wanted to do everything I could to help increase his quality of life as he entered his senior years. I found DGP supplements for dogs a year ago and did the research on their quality of ingredients and contents. I was very impressed with their reputation and reviews so I decided to give them a try.

One tablet per 30lb. dog meant three tablets each for Max and Bruno daily. After a couple of months, I noticed a significant improvement in their eagerness to run again and their recovery rate. As senior dogs, they naturally want to sleep throughout the day; however, when it comes to running, they turn into puppies again with an eagerness to run anywhere from 5-10 miles comfortably, a few times a week.

To have my running buddies happy and healthy again as they age means the world to me. My goal is to give them the best life I can and that includes DGP supplements they take. DGP supplements for pets has been a huge asset to their lives and I am eternally grateful. I love my running companions until the end of time.


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